Zap! 2,000 Volts of Electricity Helps Create This Colorful Artwork

By day, Craig Dunn is a commercial electrician. By night, the handyman takes his skills to his workshop to create some stunning artwork. “I make art using electricity and wood,” he says. “One day I was on Facebook and saw someone burning wood using electricity and thought—that looks like fun! So, I built a machine and began playing around with it. Figuring out the formula was half the fun.”

The results are colorfully stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces created by 2,000 volts of electricity. “After the burns are complete, I rinse the piece,” he says. “When it’s dry, I sand it and build a frame using as much reclaimed wood as I can.”

Dunn adds luminescent color using clothing dye to create each scene. “The color adds a level of depth to each piece and is truly my signature,” he says. “I find that each piece represents a sunrise or sunset that I have observed in my travels for work and play.”

Dunn has sold nearly 1,700 pieces all over the nation “and a handful of pieces which have made it overseas,” he says. You can find his handiwork in both Missouri and Arkansas, but he plans on branching out soon. “Coming soon to Louisiana!” he quips.

For pricing and artwork, find his company Craig’s Uncontrolled Creations on any of his social media outlets, including Facebook and Instagram. “I do custom orders for customers on a regular basis and can make pieces in any shape and almost any size desired,” he says. Prices start at $75 and up.


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