Need New Holiday Flair? Trapp and Company Can Help!

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Take one step inside Trapp and Company and you’re immediately whisked away to a winter wonderland of holiday-themed accoutrements and festive, playful Christmas décor. Trapp is the quintessential place to get—as we call it—decoration motivation. “I love it when our customers come in for inspiration,” says Steven F. Chester, buyer/manager, front floor. “Shoppers want the warmth, the memories and tradition, but they also want to find something to tweak or incorporate with the things they already have.”

The helpful staff at Trapp is on hand to help you make your updated designs just that much more eye-catching. “You want to help you make it look like there are hours of work behind it—and there aren’t,” says Chester. “People regularly come in for flowers and candles, but once they are here—they relax. We give them ideas. We’re not selling Cadillacs. We’re here to have fun and for you to enjoy us and what we offer.”

We perused all the fabulosity (yes, it’s a word) in the shop and decided on five amazing items you’ll need to 1) decorate, 2) give as presents—or even better—3) opt to give as presents, but then keep for yourself instead. Is that naughty or nice? You decide.

First up, Indaba’s “Tall Leaves.” Stretch this along your dining room table or mantel and weave in some holiday-themed flair. Sounds easy? It is! Grandma’s silver candles or vintage ornaments will instantly look spruced up and modern nestled in this metallic artwork. Or drape it vertically to enhance any bland wall that needs some love. We also like Indaba’s philanthropic nature. “They use natural elements. Everything they do helps the communities they come from and they use local craftsmen,” says Chester. The company’s motto? “Style and comfort should be part of everyday living.” We wholeheartedly agree.

Next up? The oh-so popular Eric and Eloise collection based on a captivating children’s book of an unorthodox friendship between a fox and a hare. Last year Trapp dabbled in a smattering of E&E ornaments and accessories. “This year we went all in,” says Chester. “They expanded their offerings and we had such positive response to it. I get so excited about it when I show customers.” If you’re looking for something whimsical that helps children rediscover a sense of wonder and play, this collection is a can’t-miss. (PS. The nuanced details in the collection are sheer perfection—including books created on handmade paper from Nepal.)

Trapp is famed for their impressive candle collection, so if they go out of their way to suggest another candle line, you need to pay attention. In this case, the gorgeous LUX candles. “So embellished, so incredible,” says Chester. What really sets these candles is apart is the jaw-dropping packaging. It has to be seen to be believed. “One featuring the Nutcracker—with a statue on the packaging—is so life-like,” says Chester. Even better? You won’t need to wrap them. The packaging is so intricate and ornate, it could soon become its own beloved decoration passed down from generation to generation. Plenty of different fragrances from which to choose—including the popular Red Bird candle. (More on the cardinal theme in a bit.)

Fourth on the list? Cookware to covet! If you haven’t seen Beatriz Ball’s phenomenal dishes, bowls and trays, you haven’t lived. Your world-famous artichoke-dip appetizer can be served piping hot right out of the oven—the pieces are silver, futuristic and functional. Talk about a conversation piece! “They are smart, attractive pieces that can be out all the time. No need to hide these,” says Chester. “They’re also perfect for brides or housewarmings.”

And finally, the fine folks at Trapp gave us a little leeway to pick another must-have item, but we just couldn’t pick one, so we narrowed it down to a theme—cardinals (uh, the bird—not the pontiff). The cardinal motif comes in every shape, size, and price range in the store and, frankly, we couldn’t be happier. From red bird snow globes to red bird ornaments to red bird-themed candles, Trapp has a cheery cardinal for every occasion. Seems the folks at Trapp like the jovial bird as much as we do. “So many people have a cardinal story. There’s something in their family lore about cardinals showing up during an emotional period,” says Chester. “Red birds are that one burst of color when everything else is falling off. You notice their bright red feathers when it’s dismal and gray out.”

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