Impulse Purchase of the Week – 6/25


Artist/Designer Whitney Manney’s Drip + Enamel earrings are anything but subtle. They make a big, bold, colorful statement. The design, Manney says, “came from me painting in the studio one day and thinking ‘How cool would it be to have earrings that look like a big ol’ paint drip with actual paint on them?’”

It wasn’t a stretch for Manney—who’s known for her abstract painting and airbrushed art on fabrics. She says when it comes to her street art flair, “drips are a big part of my aesthetic. I made several prototypes with laser cutters at the Johnson County Makerspace and settled on a range of sizes and colors of acrylic.”

The earring’s shape is hand-drawn, digitized, and then hand-painted individually—so each one is unique. “I started with the ‘biggie’ size ($50) for myself and people consistently complimented me and asked about smaller, ‘mini’ sizes.” ($18)

Both sizes are now available—and, trust us, these artful earrings are guaranteed to turn heads.



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