Impulse Purchase of the Week – 5/14

Around here, we’re big shopaholics, but rarely do we see a tagline that makes us chortle. Well, behold Dyer Oil Graphics’ popular new line of T-shirts from the non-existent Quarantine Brewery and Taphouse. ($25-28)

Many of the graphic company’s businesses were craft breweries affected by the COVID crisis. “We knew we had to get creative and pivot our business a bit,” says co-owner Rachel Dyer. “We’re fortunate enough to still be employed but wanted to help those that had lost their jobs/livelihoods. Since graphic design is one of our specialties, we decided to create a fictional brewery and design a logo for it.”

Ronnie Dyer sports a Quarantine Tap hoodie

Dyers’ husband (and co-owner), Ronnie, came up with the tagline, “Get Soused Staying in Your House.”  The (not-a-real bar) Quarantine Brewery line has been so popular, they’ve added a lightweight hoodie, hats, bar towel, and now face masks to the mix. “My favorite is definitely the hat,” says Dyer. “And that tagline makes me laugh out loud every time. It’s perfect.”

A portion of the sales goes to the KC Hospitality Support Initiative (  and Lee’s Summit Social Services ( A Facebook page has also been set up for the Quarantine Brewery & Taphouse, so they can update everyone on donations. The company is closing in on their goal of raising $3,000 for the two organizations.

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