Impulse Purchase of the Week – 2/28

If you’ve ever browsed through the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s gift shop, you know it’s a treasure trove of unique wares. During our impulse shopping excursion last week, we spied these kitschy-fun shuttlecock coffee and espresso mugs. Not only are they wildly iconic, they’re the perfect memento for your visit to the museum. “A few years ago, the museum store partnered up with well-known, local ceramist Irma Starr to create the shuttlecock mug. Irma has spent her career creating beautiful ornaments, vases, dishes, etc.,” says manager Brian Day. “The goal was to create a keepsake item that was creative, functional, fun, and affordable. And because the shuttlecock sculptures are so recognizable, we felt that this was the perfect item that customers could see themselves purchasing and enjoying for many years to come.”

No big surprise, but the shuttlecock mugs have “become our most popular selling item in the store,” says Day. Featuring stamped feathers and coils patterns for texture, the mugs are also conveniently priced. Coffee mugs are $17.95 each. The demitasse cup and saucer are $15.95. “Customers are amazed by the design of the mugs and the ‘cool factor’ of it all,” says Day.

If the mugs aren’t, say, your cup of tea (pun intended), there are also shuttlecock-inspired shotglasses, keychains, magnets, coasters—oh, you get the idea. You can purchase these sentimental souvenirs online or in the shop.