Impulse Purchase of the Week – 2/27

Has your favorite lipstick color been discontinued? Desperate for a foundation that actually looks like you’re not wearing any make-up at all? Never fear—it’s Silvia Duckworth to the rescue. Duckworth has been creating her own custom-blend, individualized make-up for customers in the metro for over four years now. She’ll whip you up whatever you want/need/desire. “If you can think of your favorite foundation and what you want in it, well, I can make it,” says Duckworth, who owns Bellísima by Silvia near the Plaza.


Need something oil-free? Enriched with vitamins? With ample sunblock? Maybe all three? Duckworth’s private-label skincare line has you covered—both figuratively and literally. “Most people are looking for the perfect color, but then are extremely happy that we can add additional things—like a matte finish or, say, vitamins or peptides or lipids to give the skin more hydration and glow.”

With prices starting around $50, it’s easy to see why Duckworth’s services are in demand—everything from whipping up unique eyeshadows to blushes to shiny lip glosses. “We use better ingredients than what you’ll find in any store—all-natural, mineral-based and hypoallergenic,” she says. “That way it just feels more natural and looks more natural. It’s like having the look of perfect skin without looking like you’re wearing a ton of make-up.”

Ask her to throw in some of her miracle concealer while you’re at it. Gurl, you’re worth it!

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