Impulse Purchase of the Week – 2/20

Fusion Fitness’ Darby Brender has a can-do attitude. When she couldn’t find a laundry detergent she liked that wasn’t filled with harmful chemicals and toxins, well, she just created her own! Introducing Vadavoo, a luxury laundry collection Brender recently unleashed to the masses. We got the 411 about what her all-natural, locally made products bring to the table—as well as your laundry room.


What was the genesis behind these products?
“I wanted to create a quality product that we can feel good about using! The scent of the detergent is inspired by nature. Every time I lay my head down on my pillow, I want to smell the mountains. The refreshing and invigorating smell of the mountains makes my heart happy and I hope others can enjoy that as well through this product. And our name? Well, it’s a play of a beautiful mountain location in Wyoming, called Vedauwoo.” (Pronounced VAD-UH-VOO)

What do you want folks to know about them?
“In recent years you can see fabric softeners/detergents almost always hitting the top five products to avoid to reduce the risk of cancer and other terminal diseases. We want to create products that we can feel good about using but still smell lovely as well.”

We must know—do you have a favorite?
“I do! My favorite product is our 100% wool dryer balls with the luxury laundry drops. ($19.99) You place a few drops of the scent on the dryer balls just prior to running the dryer. The dryer balls can be used hundreds of times, reducing the waste of dryer sheets and softener. They keep your clothes soft and smelling fabulous! Also, they reduce is the wear and tear on your dryer heating element caused by dryer sheets.”

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