Impulse Purchase of the Week – 2/14

Are you in an absolute dither or last-minute pinch about Valentine’s Day? Cool your jets—we’ve got you covered. We stumbled across a couple of fun homemade chocolate gifts courtesy of Annedore’s Fine Chocolates in Westwood Hills.

First up, their delightful, gourmet Edible Heart Box. Yes, you read right—the entire gift is edible. Your sweetie will appreciate the sentiment and the fact you’re green-friendly. Available in milk or dark chocolate, it’s the perfect way to say, “I Heart You.”  Priced at $19.95.

Second, we had to smile at Annedore’s foiled-wrapped chocolate lips. From our lips to yours, they are both kitschy and cutesy. (Always a killer double whammy for us.) Owner Sheri Weedman told us they’re flying off the shelves. The Big Lips are selling for $14.95.

If you forgot today is Valentine’s Day, you best stop reading this and get your butt to Annedore’s. Tell Sheri we sent you. She’ll know just what to do to ensure your bases are covered this February 14th.

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