Impulse Purchase of the Week – 12/26

It’s the day after Christmas. Are your teenagers already driving you insane just being at home? This week’s Impulse Purchase is just as much for you as it is for them. How about you book a playdate at FlipSwitch VR—a free-roam virtual-reality gaming experience where your kids and their friends can book tickets to play state-of-the-art VR games together as a team.

Instead of causing you a migraine, your surly teenyboppers can battle zombies, go on epic adventures, and more! FlipSwitch VR’s arena gives the kiddos over 1,200 square feet of playable space where technology, motion-sensor cameras, and more help guide them. (Heads up: Industry recommendation for VR participation is ages 12 and up. Any minor under the age of 16 is required to be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Ask Uncle Danny. He’ll do it.)

Want the entire clan out of the house? Rent the entire space for a private event!
FlipSwitch VR can accommodate groups or parties up to 40 people—with catering services are also available. We here at IN Kansas City feel your pain—so here’s the link for you to book an upcoming reservation. Peace and quiet is just a click away.