Impulse Purchase of the Week – 11/28

Do people call you quirky? Or eccentric, odd, or outside the box? Well, listen up—we’ve found the perfect article of clothing for you to promote your hyper-individuality. Behold Commandeer Brand’s line of Kansas City Weirdo apparel. Dare we say, we are obsessed. “The design essentially came about because of my interest in the paranormal and the fact that I’m a weirdo myself,” says owner Joe Brynds, the commandeer of Commandeer Brands. “Like many of my designs, I essentially just make something that I would also like to wear.”

The company—which has been doling out weirdness for three years—says this is one of their most popular designs of the year. “We’ve taken to calling ourselves Kansas City’s alternative apparel brand,” Brynds says with a laugh. “We produce apparel and accessories with typical Kansas City themes done in an atypical way with a counterculture appeal.”

Does Brynds think Kansas City is weird? Heck, yeah! “Kansas City is absolutely weird in the best kind of way,” he says. “I think you have to be a bit weird to be creative, and Kansas City is full of creatives.”

Tees and sweatshirts are available with sizes from small to 3XL. ($25 – $40) Order online from (Shipping is free. Score!) “And it definitely doesn’t hurt that they’re the softest shirts you’ll find,” Brynds.

You heard it here first, weirdoes.

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