Impulse Purchase of the Week – 11/1

Local philanthropist Kate Corwin has authored an insightful book about motivation, concentration, inspiration—and pretty much any other “ation” you can think of. Find Your Focus is a convenient desk reference containing 50 quick tips to improve your focus and maximize your brain power. “I was inspired to write the book after noticing the shortening attention span of the students I work with, as well as many adults too. And I noticed that I was having more trouble focusing than I had before,” says Corwin. “So I read five books on how our brains work. One day while I was driving, I had an idea to create a desk reference to help remind people of the strategies that I had been learning.”

Corwin wrote the booklet in less than a month and was so eager to get it out to the masses, she even self-published it. Turns out, it’s a hit. Filled with little nuggets that make life just that much easier, the book is like a turn-the-page calendar—uh, minus the calendar portion. It’s peppered with anecdotal lessons on organization and mindful vignettes. For instance, “Get comfortable and close your eyes for a few minutes. This act of closing off visual stimulation can actually increase your focus and allow you to see more clearly.” And our favorite: “The right music can sooth the part of your brain that is easily distracted, increasing attention span and focus.” (Note to Kate, we turned on some tunes just to write this article. A little Fleetwood Mac always sooths the savage soul.)

The book is Zen-fully designed with watercolors and simple illustrations. Readers can choose a card, read both sides, and follow the instructions that day. Before you know it, you’ll learn simple but powerful techniques for alleviating stress—everything from being present in the moment to multitasking to putting away your ever-present cell phone. “People love the book. I’ve sold a lot of them for gifts, especially for the New Year,” says Corwin.

Find Your Focus is $19.95 and can be purchased online. Even better? Proceeds benefit a local charity, Green Works, which strives to empower youth to care for our environment, contribute to our economy and create healthy communities. The organization—started by Corwin in 2007—focuses on environmental education and workforce development for urban youth. It helps to create partnerships that open doors for students and positively impact their futures.

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