Impulse Purchase of the Week – 10/15


Local artist and architect Steven Dragan says while he loves a good painting excursion, Kansas City remains his hometown muse. “My art is about connection to places,” he says. “This city provides an unending source of inspiration. I find a great deal of joy capturing KC and connecting with people who also love its treasures.”

His latest series of paintings spotlights—as he calls it—hometown hotspots. One of our favorites features the Kansas City skyline and iconic Scout statue. “This painting is all about light, color, and depth,” he says. “In this one, I tried to play with the color palette, so that the light felt like liquid and the shadows formed from mixing vibrant cool colors.”

Initially, Dragan began sketching the places he’d visit—from an architect’s POV. “I noticed things I’d never seen before: the number of radial petals on the stained glass of the cathedrals, the layers of horizon at dusk, the ornamentation of the claw feet of the chairs at the café,” he says. Eventually, his work graduated into the hyper-detailed, colorful paintings he now offers—including landmarks like Union Station and events such as Arrowhead tailgating.

Dragan’s open edition prints start at $45 and go up to $190 based on size. Click here to see his gallery. (Now thru Saturday use discount code FALL25—valid for 25% off purchases.)

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