DEMDACO’s New Artisan-Based Store At The Legends Will “Lift Your Spirit”

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When giftable product manufacturer DEMDACO announced they were opening a new concept at Legend’s Outlet Kansas City this spring, we had oh-so many questions. The obvious one was, “Wait, right now?” Turns out, the company’s burgeoning, inspirational product line is exactly what the metro needs—well, as soon as the stay-at-home measures are lifted. “For us, it is the perfect time because of what our brand is authentically about. Our mission statement simply says: ‘We strive to Lift the Spirit in consumers, in each other, and in our communities,’” says Nate Fraley, creative services director. “The store represents an opportunity to live that mission and be a source of inspiration and hope right now.”

The expansive 2,460-square-foot DEMDACO store’s original opening was planned for last October, but building delays pushed that back to this spring. The new opening date? April 9th—right in the middle of a pandemic juggernaut that left the retailer scrambling. Undaunted and unfazed, they are now anticipating a mid-June soft opening where homebound consumers can finally get a first look at the company’s jaw-dropping new digs. With an artist-centric product line a milelong, the store will offer an exclusive range of gifts, including home décor products, holiday and seasonal gifts, baby gifts, self-care apparel and accessories, and more.

“We Want To Help”
After weeks and weeks of being hunkered down, Fraley says this shop will be the perfect outlet to do some much-needed shopping—or not. “Regardless of whether guests make a purchase our products and store experience are really a tool, a vessel to meet people’s emotional needs— because we all need a little comfort, love, or joy,” he says. “Long before any of this happened, we were a brand about being there in times of comfort and in a lot of ways—now more than ever—we can help. We want to help.”

The creative collection of artisan items is just one component of the store. Another is the warm, inviting atmosphere the shop offers. For the DEMDACO team, the design is about guests getting out and about, but still feeling like an inviting, homey oasis. “Conceptually it’s an open space built with the genuine intent that we want to grow together with our customers. We want people to come in to hang out and connect,” he says. “We’re going to have a coffee shop, proudly serving Messenger Coffee and Ibis baked goods, and feature plenty of local brands.”

And before you ask—yes, there’s free WIFI and a fireplace. (Count us in!)

If you’re not familiar, DEMDACO is a well-known, seasoned wholesale brand who “has serviced thousands of other retailers for over 20 years,” says Fraley. Their new concept is still a work in progress, and the company hopes to glean insight from the customers themselves. Think of it as a unique, shopper-friendly testing lab. “This store is set up so we can learn as a retailer—so we can gather best practices from visitors. We want to use those insights to build a meaningful experience for all the customers we serve.”

“An Artisan-Based Company”
Once the doors are open, Fraley anticipates people will visit the store as a respite from being cooped up—and for some long-overdue retail therapy. “Our range includes everything from baby products to comfort fashion to holiday décor to kitchenware. Yes, it’s broad. But it’s so broad because we meet the needs of varying emotions. Take our Giving Collection for example—a line that’s all about soothing the body and soul.” He mentions their company’s soft, fuzzy, high-quality Giving Bear, Giving Blanket, and Giving Shawl, which tactile consumers love. “DEMDACO is an artisan-based company,” he says. “Quality is a very important aspect to us—as is the hand-artisan touch, whether that’s local, regional, or global.”

Pink Giving Heart

Speaking of, the store will carry several local designers, including Susan Lordi—“a sculptor and creator of Willow Tree, one of our most popular product lines,” says Fraley.  “There are also some local jewelry designers, such as Janesko and 74 Harley Street.”

“Our Time To Shine”
Based in Leawood, this is the company’s first consumer-facing store ever. “Never has the consumer been able to experience our brand in this way. It’s going to be a fully-immersive brand experience,” says Fraley. “We’ll feature every aspect of what’s important to us—including our charitable activities, community involvement, how we celebrate artists, and how we build up the spirit of people through kindness and storytelling.”

All Roads Lead to Home Large Wall Art

DEMDACO is putting the finishing touches on the store, so that its grand opening is, indeed, grand. The staff is excited to see guests walk into the store for the first time. “We’re moving forward because this is our time to shine,” says Fraley. “Timing could not be better. When people need us, we’ll be there—whenever they’re ready.”

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