Tips for Keeping Those Weight Loss and Fitness Resolutions

Well, it’s 2019. Now what? So many resolutions, so little time. For most folks, it’s that magical time of year where we tell ourselves that we’ll do better in the new year. Can we really embrace our inner fitness enthusiast and adopt it as a lifestyle? While it’s definitely possible, a realistic plan of action can bring you closer to your goals.

We kibitzed with Dawn Rattan, owner and instructor at EverFit in Shawnee to get the skinny (pun intended) on how to stay committed, stay sane, and more importantly, stay on track. Here are some of her “EverAttainable” suggestions:

Commit to work out, but only a few days per week instead of everyday

“As you ramp up your exercise routine, plan out four days of workouts.  Be specific! Set the date, time and place of each workout. Ambiguity is the enemy of your resolutions. Remember, your body needs time to repair from workouts. And if you want to avoid burnout, you’ll build in days off as well.”

Find a friend

“As the kids call it, get a ‘squad.’ Your squad will share your fitness goals, work out with you, and like all your fitness updates on Facebook! Talk about workouts, give each other early morning wakeup calls, shop for fitness gear together and get healthy as a team!”

Write it, right?

“You’ve heard about writing down your goals? Studies have shown, blah blah blah. You know it works—just do it. This time, prioritize your goals by listing them in order of importance, ease, cost, and time. Also, go for quality instead of quantity! Break the big hairy goal down into digestible chunks of work or phases, and include a couple rewards for hitting milestones! Review your goals monthly and make adjustments. You. Can. Do. It.”

Mix it up

“Change up your workouts to avoid boredom and to work different body parts. Try a variety of classes to discover what keeps you interested and which workouts change your body! There are so many creative ways to get fit that you don’t have to compromise or—ugh!—plant yourself on a treadmill all day.”

Find your measure

The scale is not the only measure of progress toward your fitness goals! Can you fit into a certain dress or pair of pants that were too tight six months ago? Have you lost inches in your thighs, arms, or waist? Are people telling you that your face looks thinner? Do you have more energy as a result of your healthier lifestyle? These are measures outside of the scale that let you know that you are going in the right direction. Add these to your list!

Short term versus long term eating

“There’s an infinite list of supplements, diets, and forbidden food lists that claim to help you lose weight. Guess what? They probably work, but only in the short term. You may find a program that jumpstarts you on your way to your goals but rarely does it take you all the way and sustain you for years. Go ahead and get a little help, but long term, you’re going to find the right balance without a ‘program.’ Logically, more water, less sugar, portion control, healthy foods, and mindful eating go a long way toward a lifestyle change.”