Seven Surefire Ways to Attain Your Fitness Goals in 2020

Trainers are always tickled to see new people in their gym this time of year. Only problem? “They’re gung-ho now, but the trick is keeping them fired up and excited about working out,” says trainer Brent Pitts, who recently opened Anytime Fitness in Leawood.

Brady (L) and Pitts (R)

Veteran trainer Shannon Brady, meanwhile, knows a thing or two about your alleged fitness resolutions. She’s seen people obsess over the scale when there’s really no need. “Healthy doesn’t have a size,” says Brady, who helps train clients at Fitness Quest in Leawood. “For me, it’s about clients having fun and feeling better about themselves.”

With nearly 30 years of workout experience under their belts, Pitts and Brady offer up seven tried-and-true tips for staying faithful to your newfound workout regimen.

7) Identify Your Why. “I want to know your main driving force for wanting to make a change in your health, physique, or lifestyle. Imagine or visualize what will be different in your life—you know, once you start hitting your goals!” says Pitts.

6) Stay Off the Scale! “Repeat, stay off the scale. Focus on 1) how you feel, 2) how your clothes fit and 3) what you see in the mirror,” says Brady. “It’s ok to have a goal weight, but the scale is not the best way to measure your progress.”

5) Get Your Workouts on Your Calendar. “Schedule your workouts into your day just as you would for any other event. And make sure your workouts vary, so you don’t get bored,” says Pitts.

4) Measure Progress—In Reasonable Time. “You didn’t put on 40 pounds overnight. It’s not coming off overnight. Start off slow, and ease into it. Try to set small, more obtainable goals that are tied to a certain time frame, not a certain number on the scale. And, yes, stay off the scale,” says Pitts.

3) This Ain’t No Competition! “This should be about you, and only you! Do not compare yourself to the progress of others or those around you. Everybody has a different starting point, different goals, or a different body type,” says Brady.

2) Share Your Accomplishments Along the Way! “Toot your own horn. Hit a milestone? Celebrate it. Worked out ten days in a row? Brag about it. Achieving your goals and successes are a huge key to keeping your motivation up,” says Brady.

1) Seek Professional Guidance. “We trainers are here for a reason. When in doubt, seek help from a professional! Age, health ailments, past/present injuries, and dietary restrictions are just a small number of things we look at before we get your started on your fitness journey,” says Pitts.