Outdoor Classes to Move You

If you’re missing all those feel-good endorphins because the idea of working out in a gym in a mask makes you break out in hives, you’re in luck. Outdoor workouts are back, baby! With warm weather returning and the heat of summer still a distant taunt, there are plenty of options for ways to break a sweat outdoors. Just remember, until we reach herd immunity, masks may still be required, but at least you’ll have fresh air around you to help cope with the burn.

Here are a few options to get you started:

The Running Club of Kansas City
If running seems lonely to you, you haven’t found the right group. The Running Club of Kansas City has been encouraging other runners since 1976. With weekly group runs in every quadrant of the city, you’re never far away from like-minded fitness fanatics eager to pound the pavement. Training for a race? There are groups for that too.

KC Crew
Are you ready to bump, set, and spike? If team sports are more your thing, join a sand volleyball team through KC Crew, an organization devoted to helping people find their groups. KC Crew can match you with teams in many sports, including pickleball, golf, and basketball. Or find a pickup game and make new friends. Either way, running into that dead spot on the court is bound to burn a few calories.

Now is the time to feel the wind in your helmet. Cycling KC is a clearinghouse for several group rides each day in nearly every part of town. If you feel a need for speed, there’s even a racing club available that will help build the skills you need to win.

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