Not Feeling Like Your Best Self? Personalized Nutrition Might Be the Answer

Whitney Martin

Whitney Martin is no stranger to the digestive challenges she helps her clients with every day. It was Martin’s own journey with digestive health that inspired her to become the certified master nutrition therapist at the helm of Whitney Martin Wellness

“I struggled for years with debilitating digestive symptoms until I learned how to use food as a powerful tool for my own healing,” says Martin. “I became an advocate for myself and began digging into the research after seeing a handful of doctors who were never able to interpret my symptoms.”

Martin recalls that what started out as mild constipation and occasional bloating after meals, turned into extreme bloating and discomfort that didn’t seem to go away no matter how many foods Martin eliminated from her diet. Soon, she was also experiencing insomnia and daily headaches, but every doctor she saw kept telling her nothing was wrong based on her conventional labs.

So, Martin took matters into her own hands starting with a deep dive into the health of her gut. She did panels that looked for imbalances of her gut bacteria and identified her specific food sensitivities. Martin was able to follow a herbal supplement protocol and make small changes in her diet that made a big difference.  

Using personal experience to help clients

In 2019, Martin left her corporate job to study nutrition. Now she is a certified Master Nutrition Therapist, a Level 1 Restorative Wellness Practitioner, a Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition Candidate, and a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP).

“I can relate to my clients at such a personal level, since I truly know what they’re going through,” says Martin. “I had such a frustrating journey, and my desire coming out of that was to be able to help others navigate an easier path to feeling good again.”

Martin has the tools to help people experiencing a range of digestive associated symptoms.  From severe gas and bloating after meals to battling brain fog and fatigue to experiencing skin issues like acne and eczema, Martin helps her clients develop personalized diet strategies to support a healthy gut and overall wellness.

Martin’s approach looks for the root cause of imbalances, restores optimal function, and brings her clients’ body systems back into balance so they can truly heal from the inside out.

“Digestion should be considered the most important priority in the body. When digestion isn’t optimal, we see a cascade of detrimental effects that leads to a plethora of more serious health issues,” says Martin. “If you’re extremely frustrated and feel like you’re stuck—know that I’ve been there myself when every test result comes back normal, but you feel anything but normal. I am someone who will truly listen to you.”

The path to feeling good

Thinking you could use some help with your digestive health? At Whitney Martin Wellness you can start with a free 20-minute discovery call with Martin to tell her about yourself and learn more about her approach to nutrition to see if you are a good fit to work together.

After that, you’ll set up an introductory session that will help Martin understand your health goals and get a comprehensive view of your needs. She’ll review your health, social, environmental, and nutrition history to discover potential root causes related to the issues she can help address.

If a foundational approach to nutrition and lifestyle is not enough, she’ll likely run some lab tests. Martin offers comprehensive stool testing and food-sensitivity testing to identify pathogens and restore gastrointestinal function. 

“I use lab testing to eliminate the guesswork. The same set of symptoms can be a result of multiple root causes within the gut,” says Martin. “Having objective data helps me provide more accurate protocols and dietary recommendations that are more specific and get better results. The specific tests I use are highly sensitive and accurate tests that differ from what you might find elsewhere.”

The dietary approach that works for one client won’t necessarily work for another. So, after Martin understands what’s going on with a client’s gut, she provides individualized dietary strategies and therapeutic supplement protocols.

“I don’t believe in simply chasing symptoms,” says Martin. “My goal is complete healing, and I don’t want those symptoms to come back. It’s my job to identify what digestive functions need support, what pathogens are causing a problem, or what food triggers are preventing my client from thriving.”

Martin offers a la carte sessions and three- and six-month package options that include follow-up sessions with unlimited support messaging between sessions. To learn more about the personalized nutrition your body needs, get in touch with Whitney Martin Wellness at

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