Meet This Season’s Power Couple

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The Duo That Will Have You Looking Your Best For Summer!
No, this “power couple” isn’t JRod (are they, or aren’t they?). It’s the marriage of Medi-Weightloss® followed by toning and tightening your newer, slimmer body at Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health and Wellness.

And only this center, owned and operated by founder James Mirabile M.D, FACOG, offers the combination of Medi-Weightloss plus a variety of body shaping treatments though its on-site MedCosmetic medical spa. It truly is a one-stop shop with the latest, award-winning procedures for your face and body.

Let’s Start with a Healthier, Trimmer You

If you gained weight during the pandemic, you’re not alone. The average increase was 15 pounds! Medi-Weightloss has helped thousands of patients achieve their goal weight safely and easier than they ever thought possible.

This proven program includes three phases to help you lose weight and keep it off – forever. Phase One is the most exciting as patients watch unwanted pounds drop away—often as much as 7 pounds the first week.

And thanks to the science behind Medi-Weightloss, which is based on a high-protein eating plan, ketosis takes over. Patients receive keto sticks in the Super Starter Kit (which also includes proprietary natural vitamins and supplements specifically designed for weight loss), so it’s easy to see when you’ve reached this fat-busting stage. The happy result is losing an additional 2 to 3 pounds a week during the initial phase.

More Energy To Enjoy Life, Exercise—and Try On That New Swimsuit
The benefits go beyond just losing weight. Patients are thrilled to notice more energy, more mental clarity along with less appetite and reduced sugar cravings.

Another energy boost comes from the Medi-Weightloss signature injections, including a medi-bolic booster of b12 (known as the energy vitamin) and B6/B1, to convert food to energy while helping curb cravings. Other injections include Tri-Immune Boost, B-Complex, and L-Carnitine. FDA-approved appetite suppressants, if indicated can also be prescribed.

During the second phase of your weight-loss program, you’ll add the summertime foods you love, including fresh salads, the Midwest’s famous tomatoes and approved fruits like strawberries and cherries.

And you’ll never feel deprived, whether you cook at home or dine out. Patients receive dozens of recipes—including grilled salmon and shrimp with snow peas—during weekly meetings with experienced counselors and nutritionists. Other delicious recipes and tips can be found on the exclusive patient website.

Phase three takes place when you’ve reached your weight-loss goal. Monthly meetings keep you motivated and accountable as you continue to lose or maintain that optimum number.

The strong relationships forged with the Mirabile M.D. team continue as long as needed. “That’s one of the reasons so many patients consider these caring counselors friends, advisors and personal cheerleaders,” says James Mirabile, M.D., the on-site physician at the wellness center that bears his name. “We’ve had patients bring in spouses and adult children because they’ve had such positive results. That’s one of the reasons we added a family discount.”

What Price Do You Put On Wellness?
Medi-Weightloss isn’t just for losing weight—although it’s been doing that for patients across the country for more than 15 years.

Mirabile M.D. patients have also seen remarkable improvements in key risk indicators including pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. In some cases, these healthier lifestyles have meant the end of prescription drugs, if approved by a physician (see powerful testimonials at

Consider another important benefit—this one in dollars and cents. Because Medi-Weightloss doesn’t force you to buy pre-packaged—and let’s face it, often tasteless food—patients can enjoy a wide variety of delicious meals and snacks, whether they cook at home or dine out.

One of the most important elements of the program is to educate patients about healthy food choices during each phase—making this a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

Now Let’s Tone Up That New Body!
Weight loss can sometimes contribute to loose skin, a result that can’t be addressed now matter how many sit-ups or planks you do.

MedCosmetic, the medical spa division of Mirabile M.D, has the answer with a wide variety of body shaping treatments. “Our patients absolutely love the Evolve system,” says Dr. Mirabile. “This non-surgical, sculpting solution reduces body fat and remodels muscle and skin, with no downtime.”

Evolve offers three modalities, Tite, Trim and Tone, which can be used individually or in a combination that’s specific to your needs.

Achieve the Optimum Health and Confidence You Deserve
Arrange for a free consultation now to discuss the benefits—and value—of Medi-Weightloss along with the unmatched results of MedCosmetic body sculpting treatments. Just in time to look and feel your best for summer!

Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness
4550 W 109th Street, Suite 130
Overland Park, KS 66211

Mirabile M.D. combines gynecology, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women, MedCosmetic medical spa and Medi-Weightloss. Under the ownership of onsite medical director, James Mirabile, M.D., we are your one-stop shop for wellness.

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