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The sweltering Kansas City summer heat may be taking a toll on your hydration levels, especially if you are working outdoors. But Kansas City comes to the rescue with a new health trend in town—hydration therapy. These boutique-like shops are popping up around the Kansas City area and even going mobile to bring water, minerals, vitamins, and pharmaceuticals directly into your bloodstream through an IV. The entire process is administered by trained and qualified personnel, usually registered nurses or EMTs, and takes only about 30 minutes to an hour.

Meredith Leach is a medical doctor and owner of the first hydration therapy business in Kansas City, Recovery Hydration Therapy. She says her company provides therapy tailored for specific symptoms and conditions to enhance overall health and wellness.

“Our mission is to replenish and restore your body for optimal health, performance, and well-being,” says Leach.

The therapies advertise to those who may be feeling ill due to hangovers, flu, GI illness, jet lag, exhaustion or migraines. Athletes have found the treatment helpful after strenuous athletic competitions. Groups of golfers have revived after golf and libations in the heat. And even a woman with fibromyalgia found relief with a Vitamin C solution. Leach’s company operates from downtown Kansas City and provides mobile service within a 30-mile radius with outlying areas reached for an additional cost.

“We treated a bachelor party group of five visiting from out of town,” Leach says. “We went to the house they rented. One was leaving for an international flight after treatment and they all said they felt amazing after their treatments.”

Revive & Rally IV Therapy also provides mobile services, but clients can additionally receive treatment at its storefront location in Kansas City’s Crossroads which opened in March. Co-owner John Heymach is a registered nurse and says he has seen an increase in the amount of people who spend the majority of their days outside in the heat, from police and firefighters, to athletes that train for upcoming running events. Heymach says one of their most popular IV therapies is the BBQ Hangover and vitamin B12 shots.

“With vitamin B’s, Vitamin C, and folic acid it helps people with hydration and vitamin nutrition,” Heymach says.

The hydration-nutrient combo is also what those who live in the Overland Park area find most helpful when they visit IV Nutrition Now, that just opened in February.

“Utilizing nutrients along with your hydration can provide more benefit than hydration alone,” co-owner Tara Zeller says. “Most people are deficient in at least a handful of nutrients, which can affect energy levels, how quickly the body heals and regenerates, as well affecting premature aging. Our extensive nutrition experience and knowledge allows us to utilize more nutrients in our services to address more specific goals.”

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