Healthy Dinners… Delivered

Unless you are living under a rock (in which case, you’re winning the social-distancing game), you’ve probably had some take-out lately. While we love supporting our local restaurants, there are a few places that have been doing meal delivery for a while now. If you want to support your gluten-free, paleo, or Keto diet without having to chop and prep, these places have you covered.

Healthy Meals, Inc.
Healthy Meals has been around since 2009 and caters to many different diets, including but not limited to vegan, HCG diet, gastric bypass diet, paleo, and diabetic and prediabetic. With several plans to choose from, including some that include snacks and desserts, Healthy Meals caters not just to those trying to lose weight but to anyone that has a goal for their health. Added plus? It’s delivered to your door daily by 6 a.m.

Evolve Paleo
If you want the assurance of the expertise of an on-staff doctor, on-staff trainer, and numerous classically trained chefs, then Evolve Paleo is the service for you. Choose your menu from each week’s options, and they will deliver within a 15-mile radius of any of their five KC Metro locations, or pick up at one of their retail partners. Plus, with options like chocolate chip French toast and mustard pork chop with zucchini, this is delicious clean eating.

Chef Kansas City
If you’ve always dreamed of having a personal chef, then Chef Kansas City might put you a little closer to that goal. Chef Christopher T. Zembrzuski has options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for both individual servings and family-meal sizes. With the onset of social distancing practices, Chef Z has added a pickup day to accommodate demand. His creations range from protein-packed fitness meals to the comfort food meals that we crave in times like this.