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Eliminate up to 24% fat, build muscle and get toned with two revolutionary treatments that target your specific body-sculpting goals.

Whatever your fitness level or overall body challenges, Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness has two groundbreaking, FDA-approved procedures proven to work.

The treatments are truSculpt® ID, known for its fat-reduction success, and truSculpt® fleX, which builds muscle and strength.

They’re effective alone, but, according to founder and on-site medical director James Mirabile M.D., FACOG, together these procedures provide “an incredibly powerful one-two punch to help you achieve the toned, firm and slimmer body you desire in just weeks.”

Address stubborn fat in just one treatment

If your issue is unwanted fat, truSculpt ID is great for spot reducing.  “We find truSculpt ID is a fantastic choice for those patients who are near their ideal weight but have certain areas—such as the abdomen and flanks—that just won’t budge, no matter how hard they work out or diet,” says Dr. Mirabile.

This non-surgical treatment also targets those hard-to-tone areas such as the back, love handles and under the arms—those dreaded “bat wings.” As a bonus, truSculpt ID also provides a skin-tightening effect, which varies from patient to patient.

What’s more, the treatment itself is well tolerated. And there’s no downtime. Patients can immediately return to their typical activities.

Best yet, patients can enjoy these dramatic results in as few as one, one-hour treatment. Imagine wearing that figure-hugging, sleeveless cocktail dress in time for the season’s biggest parties.

Say goodbye to crunches and squats—and those dreadful “burpies!”

“We’re thrilled to be the first Kansas City-area office to offer truSculpt fleX,” says Dr. Mirabile. “Because we can treat areas such as the abs, butt and thighs at a depth and intensity that far exceeds what you can do in the gym, patients can build more defined muscles and strength with just a few treatments.

And because truSculpt fleX can treat up to eight muscle groups simultaneously in one 45-minute session, it’s the optimum solution for busy men and women who want defined, toned bodies without spending hours sweating at the gym.

Your health benefits continue long after the treatment

Dr. Mirabile points out another important plus to this next-generation body-sculpting wonder. “The truSculpt fleX aligns with my philosophy of helping people reach and maintain their health as they age,” he says. “Stronger muscles can lead to better bone strength, improved posture and can even help reduce falls later in life.”

Patients can build muscle mass and reduce circumference with as few as four to six treatments. And the good news? Muscle tone continues to improve over the course of weeks and even months.


Achieve even better results by combining truSculpt ID and fleX

“Using both procedures in tandem can dramatically enhance a patient’s body shape,” says Dr. Mirabile. “That’s the beauty of having so many tools at our disposal. We can create a personalized regimen for each patient, based on his or her fitness level, problem areas, budget and time.

“What’s more, we can address other concerns, such as spider veins, lax skin around the face and neck, stretch marks and even tattoo removal, all at our medical spa division, MedCosmetic.”

Build confidence with a slimmer, toned body while you improve your overall health. It’s just as the group’s theme song says, “Love how you look, love how you feel, at Mirabile M.D.!”

Ready for your best body? Setup a free consultation with MedCosmetic, the medical spa division of Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness. 913.888.7546. Hurry, Introductory Pricing ends soon!

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