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Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health and Wellness is the first Kansas City-area medical clinic to offer truSculpt® fleX , an FDA-approved, clinically proven device to strengthen, firm and tone abs, butts and thighs.

Step aside, sweat-drenched workouts.

While squats and crunches are reliable partners on the journey to realizing fitness goals for abs, butts and thighs, it’s not uncommon to hit roadblocks in pursuit of a stronger, healthier body.

In fact, James Mirabile, M.D., FACOG, founder and on-site medical director of Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health and Wellness, has worked with hundreds of patients who, over time, become frustrated with efforts to tone and strengthen their bodies and build muscle through diligent exercise.

That’s why Dr. Mirabile, considered an innovator and pioneer in the beauty, health and wellness field, has added truSculpt® fleX to his medical spa division’s robust toolbox of services. A revolutionary, results-oriented body sculpting device that seamlessly combines science, research and new-generation technology, truSculpt fleX can jump-start your personal fitness levels to new heights.

The no-sweat alternative (or companion) to exercise that yields body shaping, or contouring results is being introduced to the Kansas City region by Dr. Mirabile and his team. As he does with every service and product offered at Mirabile M.D., Dr. Mirabile rigorously researched the safety, value and efficiency of other contouring devices.

Ultimately, he chose truSculpt fleX because of its clinically proven benefits and high-octane results.

“Not only is truSculpt fleX effective for women and men who regularly go to the gym and aren’t achieving the desired results, it’s also a powerful tool for people at a healthy weight who don’t like workouts and want to increase strength and build muscle,” he says. “Also, this device appeals to my philosophy of helping people maintain their health as they age, by promoting increased strength and muscle that can lead to better bone health and posture and even fall risk reduction. It’s exciting to make this remarkable body sculpting option available to patients.”

And, when used in tandem with Mirabile M.D.’s fat reduction device truSculpt ID®—another FDA-approved, clinically proven technique—the team can have you looking and feeling your best.

Effective, with no down time, and visible results

While the FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment delivers a depth and intensity that exceeds what you can do in the gym, truSculpt fleX also has many points-of-differences that sets it apart from other muscle-building treatments.

“Through state-of-the-art technology truSculpt fleX targets multiple, specific small and large muscle groups and delivers safe and consistent results with no downtime,” Dr. Mirabile says.“Patients usually start to see results after just one pain-free, 45-minute session.”

What to expect with the truSculpt fleX experience:
*Up to eight areas can be treated simultaneously, more than any other device on the market.
*Personalized to meet patients’ fitness level, shape and goals.
*Receive three treatment modes—prep, tone and sculpt— that simulate different workouts by replicating intensified twisting, squat and crunch actions to increase muscle mass.
*Muscle mass is shown at 33% increase after four treatments, double that of other body sculpting treatments.
*And muscle tone continues to improve over the course of weeks, with many seeing continued improvement for months.

Get ready for party season
If your objective is to slip into that body-hugging cocktail dress for a special event or look smashing in that couture tux you invested in years ago, truSculpt fleX can help.

“Our MedCosmetic division at Mirabile M.D. helps patients get their glow on before a party,” Dr. Mirabile says. “But so many want to feel good in their own skin, from head to toe, which is why truSculpt fleX makes so much sense. It addresses areas that are challenging through personalized treatment. It really redefines the body sculpting concept.”

Add in other programs to be your best, inside and out
If you’re at your ideal weight—congratulations! However, losing weight takes work and dedication, including eating and exercising, that makes sense for your body, managing life’s stressors and adopting healthy habits like getting plenty of sleep. Weight loss isn’t an off-the-rack approach, which is why the Mirabile M.D. team also offers the Medi-Weightloss®program.

“Our successful Medi-Weightloss program is the perfect complement to truSculpt fleX,” Dr. Mirabile says.

The team also consults with each patient to determine which Mirabile M.D. service is right for their unique needs.

“We offer convenient, one-stop, results-oriented beauty, health and wellness, with the latest in technology, like truSculpt fleX, and services, including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy,” Dr. Mirabile says.

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Call today for more information to see if you’re a candidate for truSculpt®fleX and take advantage of our special introductory pricing. Discover how you can look and feel your best for the season’s events—but hurry, introductory pricing ends soon!

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