Be Slim and Healthy in Time for the Holidays!

You can lose 30 pounds or more by Thanksgiving. But what you’ll gain is even more important: self-confidence and lean muscle.

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Cathy loves the holidays but admits she was relieved when the pandemic travel restrictions canceled her trip to visit family over the last two years. “I was embarrassed because I’d put on so much weight,” she says, “and didn’t want to face my mom and sisters.”

But this year, Cathy happily booked a flight and is planning her outfits. “I’m halfway to my goal of losing 50 pounds by mid-November,” she says, “and I can’t wait to show off.” 

Her confidence is courtesy of Medi-Weightloss, the highly successful, three-phase program available through Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health and Wellness. 

“There are many reasons men and women come to us for Medi-Weightloss,” says James Mirabile, M.D., founder and on-site physician at the health clinic that bears his name. “Many want to lose pounds and inches before a big event like a wedding or the holidays. In fact, many patients drop as much as seven pounds during the first week alone.”

“But the majority are seeking a healthier lifestyle with a plan that’s easy to maintain forever,” he continues. “What they find with Medi-Weightloss are benefits that extend beyond just losing 20-, 30-pounds, or more. Patients are often thrilled to have more energy and mental clarity, better sleep, and reduced sugar cravings.” 

Delicious food at home and when dining out

Like a lot of people starting a weight-loss program, Cathy was worried she’d have to give up the foods she loves. But Medi-Weightloss works because it relies on the natural state of ketosis that happens when reducing carbs and increasing proteins and healthy fats. 

“I learned that I’d been addicted to carbohydrate-rich foods, which made me sluggish,” she said. “My counselors helped me find great recipes to make at home and tips for navigating menus when dining out.

Nearly every restaurant offers baked or grilled fish and chicken, shellfish, and steaks,” she says. Even Jasper’s—the popular Italian restaurant owned by Dr. Mirabile’s brother—has tasty low-carb options and a full Medi-Weightloss-friendly menu including grilled salmon, pork chops, veal, and chicken. Plus, healthful salads and side vegetables, as well as a light and delicious whipped ricotta dessert. 

Say no to yo-yo diets 

Richard had tried just about every diet in the book, but finally found the one he could stick with: Medi-Weightloss. That was four years and 85-pounds ago. 

“I did my homework, and unlike some other weight-loss programs, Medi-Weightloss is medically supervised and focused on long-term weight management.” Like all patients, Richard began with a check-up that included blood work and an EKG to ensure there were no underlying issues that could be inhibiting weight loss. He had one-on-one meetings with members of the Mirabile team—including nurses and nutritionists—every week during the first phase of the program. 

Charidy, who’s been instrumental in helping people achieve their weight loss goals since 2010, says Richard is the ideal patient. “The patients most successful in reaching their goals and maintaining their weight loss are those who keep track of their food intake with a food journal, come in every week for accountability and guidance, then continue with monthly wellness checks after reaching their goal weight,” she says.

Richard also gets B12 and B6/B1 boosters, which increase energy and curb cravings. The clinic offers a full line of vitamin injections, including Vitamin D and Tri-Immune Boost, which support a healthy immune function—particularly important during the cold and flu season. “Even patients who are not currently on Medi-Weightloss are choosing these injections for overall health advantages,” says Mirabile. 

Slim down, firm up

Cathy discovered another benefit to losing weight; she’s back to daily walks and working out with weights. “It’s been fun to fit into my smaller-sized jeans and dresses,” she says. 

She’s also interested in several of the body contouring treatments available at Mirabile M.D.’s medical aesthetics division, MedCosmetic, to firm and tighten areas—such as the abdomen and flanks—that are often resistant to a fitness regimen. 

“That’s one of the reasons we’re often called the ‘one-stop shop’ for overall wellness and beauty,” says Mirabile. “Between our gynecological services, medical aesthetics and skin care, Medi-Weightloss and bio-identical hormone treatments, patients can achieve ultimate health in one place. That’s been my goal since combining my medical practices into one beauty, health, and wellness center over ten years ago.”

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