The Bachelorette’s Alex Bordyukov to Work the Catwalk at Kansas City Fashion Week

If you think that Kansas City Fashion Week’s catwalks are dedicated only to lithe femme fatales, well, think again. The folks over at KCFW came to their senses and decided to mix things up and invite a reality TV show hunk to work the runway. Alex Bordyukov, contestant on Season 13 of ABC’s hit show The Bachelorette, will be strutting his stuff as part of a “bearded and burly men” fashion segment. You can see him in action for KCFW’s Oak Park Mall Runway this Wednesday, September 26th representing Eddie Bauer.

How did KCFW pick the bold/brawny theme? Easy. “We thought this would be a great way to showcase a different type of clothing that Oak Park Mall has yet to have on our runway and include some of our gentlemen that attend our model castings that may not fit the typical “male runway model” size/look requirements,” says KCFW president Teisha Barber. “Kansas City Fashion Week has always taken a stand on including models of all sizes and heights, so this is just one more area, where we can feature some amazing talent on our runway.”

Seems while Bordyukov likes to be a fashionista occasionally, he’s not necessarily a pro on the catwalk. Read more in our exclusive IN Kansas City interview:

M2: Do tell—is this the first time you’ve done a fashion show? Or are you an old pro?
AB: “This will be my first official fashion show! I’ve had a chance to partake in many different events but haven’t gotten a chance to rock a catwalk.”

M2: What sort of things will you be modeling for KCFW?
AB: “As a true ‘professional’, I will model anything I’m asked to model, from a garbage bag to a 3-piece suit!”

M2: Enquiring minds want to know—what’s your best asset on the runway?
AB: “I’m going to resort to my lack of shame and my confidence, for my runway assets.”

M2: What’s your secret weapon on the runway?
AB: “When my confidence fails, I’ll call upon my secret weapon! A smile. No better way to feel and make others feel comfortable. And if I’m not allowed to smile, I’m screwed.”

M2: What are you most excited and/or nervous about?
AB: “I’m excited to see what the designers have in store, hopefully they take a lot of risks! I’m a little nervous. I don’t really know what to expect.”

M2: Most models have a certain walk—or stomp—down the catwalk. What’s yours look like?
AB: “It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t bring some flair to the show. Pretty sure that’s what modeling is all about! It’s going to be an in the moment decision though. I’ll have to read the room and the atmosphere … before dropping my mark.”

M2: What’s your usual attire? Are you dressy-uppy or casual?
AB: “Most of the days, I dress very casual and very banal. But, if it’s a special event that calls for a more festive attire, I dress to the nines. I love making bold choices, using lots of colors and patterns.”

M2: ‘Fess up—what’s your favorite thing in your closet to wear when you’re dressing to impress?
AB: “My favorite thing in my closet is probably my Sand black & white floral jacket. It yields an absolutely perfect ratio of bold and classy.”

M2: And finally, the question that’s on everyone’s minds—do you get to keep the clothes? And if the answer is no—are you going to bat your eyelashes?
AB: “I don’t believe we get to keep the clothes. I’ll gladly take them though! If not, I’ll pretend I was too cool to wear something twice anyway.”

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