Styling for Teleconferencing: Accessories Take Your Look to the Next Level

Dress for Success

Who else has a killer Zoom background game at this point in your life? If you raised your hand, then you know that how you look from the waist up has become much more important in today’s remote work climate. Styling for teleconferencing is just as important as it is when you go into the office. So we asked stylist Abby Wood for a few tips on making sure that your face time makes the right impression.

Dress head to toe. Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean you aren’t working. And just because people can only see you from the waist up, doesn’t mean we should only look polished from the waist up. Dressing “head to toe” in a look that feels “like you” will bring you confidence that will show in your face, posture, and general mood.

Wear colors that complement your skin tone. If you are porcelain-skinned, video conferencing is not the place to wear your favorite blush-colored top. Wearing colors that blend in with your skin tone will make your facial features fade. Wear colors that complement your skin tone. Usually, this means wearing more contrasting colors.

Throw on some jewelry. Is your WFH style casual with a side of loungewear? Add some flair to that basic T-shirt with some of your favorite pieces of jewelry. With so many styles out there, jewelry is an easy, yet effective way of expressing your personal style. Don’t underestimate the power of a great statement earring.

What’s natural but also feminine? Rattan. Snag one of these rattan headbands to keep your fly-a-ways tamed and add a summery feel to any outfit. Rattan headband, $14

Wood loves jewelry designer Sierra Winter’s new collection. This chunky necklace makes a bold but polished statement against a solid color crew-neck tee. The Hank necklace, $259

Hats are a huge trend right now so put a lid on it. Wood loves this creamy ivory fedora with a jacquard band. Bonus? Bad hair days, be gone. Emerson Jacquard band hat, $88

Stylist Abby Wood. Photo by Heather Morrow.

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