Summer Hair Care: Quick Solutions When You’re On the Run

Summer can be harsh on hair. With all the activities between work and play and wanting to squeeze in as much outdoor time as possible, there’s often little time for attention to your hair. Whether swimming, traveling, sun, and simply exposing your hair to more environmental pollutants, it is important to care for your hair.

Kevin Murphy Re.Store

Nancy Weber, owner of Lumine Salon, shares her advice on the best maintenance products for when you’re on the run. “Kevin Murphy Re.Store repairing cleansing treatment is the perfect one-stop shop because it’s a shampoo and conditioning reparative treatment in one. Something I swear by and tell my clients is that healthy hair is always in style.”

Davines Sea Salt Spray

What if there’s not time between activities to wash and style your hair? Weber says, “In order to give your hair a great summer look after a day of golfing or rocking your power ponytail at the office, try Oribe Mystify Restyling Spray. Mist hair all over in sections until damp, but not wet, then apply Davines Sea Salt Spray from roots to ends, misting about 12 inches from the hair. Scrunch and let it air dry. The key to avoiding frizz when creating this look is to keep your hands out of it after that initial scrunch. Let your hair do its thing.”

Oribe Mystify Restyling Spray

The Oribe restyling spray has an amazing scent, so you won’t feel self-conscious about smelling sweaty after a workout—a plus. And the Davines sea salt spray is particularly beneficial for fine hair.