AesthetiCare’s Biggest Sale of the Year Is Now a Weeklong Virtual Party

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Let’s face it, AesthetiCare knows how to throw a party. Their epic End of Summer Party has been a metro-wide tradition for 19 years and counting. “This year we’re shaking things up and doing it in a new way,” says Karen Cobb, marketing director. “This year we’re going to have a week-long virtual event September 14th – 19th where virtually everything is 20 percent off.”

As sales go, this is AesthetiCare’s biggest and boldest one yet.

One-Stop Shopping
Cobb says as the pandemic lingered, many of our amazing clients wanted the option of shopping online or having virtual consultations, so AesthetiCare pivoted and we’re here to turn 2020 back around! It’s one-stop shopping without ever feeling the need to change out of those comfy clothes we’ve all been living in. “We just rolled it out,” says Cobb. “During the week of the party—September 14th through the 19th—if you want to make a Zoom consultation appointment to speak one on one with one of our trained providers, we’re here to help you from beginning to end. One fluid process, including sale pricing at checkout. We’re here to make it as convenient as possible,” she says.

Curious about the medspa’s pricing? A handy online calculator will help you determine the potential cost, and more importantly, what you’re saving. “Since it’s by far our biggest sale of the year, many clients choose to add a flat dollar amount to use as they want throughout the year as their credit never expires,” she says. “You can put your money towards what products or services are best for you. The sale credit doesn’t change, even if you change your mind on switching a particular service.”

An Online Friendly Party
Cobb says that while some guests prefer to do everything online, others simply “prefer to be in front of a person. Clients are also welcome to make an in-person complimentary consultation or call in with questions.” Live treatment demos on AesthetiCare’s website will showcase some of the medspa’s most popular services. “If you’ve never seen Botox in-person or the process of getting filler, we pre-filmed live treatment demos of all our most popular treatments in both skin rejuvenation and body sculpting,” she says. “You can click and watch a client getting a full treatment. Our goal was to have the viewer experience a live demo just as if you were watching it in person.”

Clients look forward to the event each year—including a surprising number of men. “There have been a lot of elements, this year specifically, that we cannot control,” adds Cobb. “So, taking back control and allowing yourself to feel good about you is key. Both men and women alike find the benefits of feeling and looking younger.” Right now, everyone’s experiencing social downtime or concealing a portion of their face. “It’s the perfect time to try a more aggressive laser treatment or try that lip filler you’ve been dying to try. Now more than ever, it’s easy to conceal any initial social downtime you may have previously felt apprehensive about,” she says.

“Our giveaways have giveaways!”
During the week of the party, AesthetiCare plans to give away over $15,000 worth of freebies—including chances to win medical grade products and treatments. Cobb suggests keeping an eye on their popular Instagram page each day of the sale to be eligible for boutique shopping sprees and product prizes. Meanwhile, for every online purchase, guests will be entered to win a free treatment—each valued at $1,500 or more. “During the checkout process, you can to pick which big treatment package you’d like to be eligible to win—including our Halo laser treatment or CoolSculpting package,” she says.

Repeat clients agree that if you’re ready to look and feel your best, AesthetiCare’s annual sale is the best of both worlds—especially if it’s time to freshen your look or if you need a pick-me-up. “The end-of-summer party is the time to book an appointment, no matter your skincare concern. Maybe you’re looking to blast some sun damage with a BBL treatment? Or maybe you have no idea what your skin needs but you want to start the journey. AesthetiCare has your back,” says client Ashley White. “The biggest and best bonus? Your money goes further!”

As in years past, AesthetiCare Medspa will be donating a portion of their sales to the Rose Brooks Foundation. “Their cause holds a special place in our hearts and every year we collect money to help this domestic violence shelter—and we certainly didn’t want to leave them out this year,” says Cobb. “So as part of the checkout process, guests will be offered a pop-up option to donate a dollar amount to this great cause.”

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