My Fave Pic: Nate Sheets

Photographer Nate Sheets has been shooting pics for about four years now and has enjoyed every second of it. He toggles between shooting real estate/interiors, headshots, and art. (Quite the renaissance man, eh?) “I’ve enjoyed the creative freedom photography has allowed me, and the journey it has taken me on in my career so far,” says Sheets. When asked to pick his all-time fave shot, he narrowed it down to a day meandering around City Market. Lucky for him, he had his trusty camera with him.

“I chose this photo because it was the first shot I took that inspired me. There are so many things technically wrong with this photo, but I didn’t exactly know what I was doing at the time. I wasn’t sure how to actually work the camera, but composition was what I was after. I was at the City Market milling around shooting random things when I came across the scales with the skyline behind. I was pumped! In my mind it was like my first real opportunity to shoot an image I thought was cool. There was action going on, I had a great subject in the foreground, and some of the buildings in the background just helped cement the image for me. I immediately printed this photo to hang in my office—where it will remain forever. I’ve looked back on this image for so many reasons: it gives me inspiration, drive, and reminds me that no matter where my photography career takes me, the most important thing is to just have fun.”

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