My Fave Pic: Danielle Hendrickson

Photographer Danielle Hendrickson likes to take her act on the road. Sure, she doesn’t mind studio shots, but get her out in to the great wide open—or the Crossroads, whichever—and she’ll find a spot with a great background and/or location. When asked about her all-time fave photo, she hemmed a bit. “As a photographer, it is challenging to narrow down to just one photo out of thousands that you take in your career,” says Hendrickson. “Anything from traditional photography to documentary style, they each have a story behind why I shot them at that particular time and moment. When thinking about my favorites, I really lean towards my images that have a huge impact and force me to shoot outside of my comfort zone.”

Eventually, Hendrickson narrowed it down to a killer action shot that offered up—you guessed it—an amazingly colorful background.

“When working with Lindsey, who is a fitness and lifestyle Influencer, we were doing our normal routine—walking around the Crossroads getting different shots of her. We ran into this brightly colored wall, and we both came to the idea of wanting to try to capture Lindsey jumping. With my countdown, I would prep Lindsey to jump on my cue as I would take a series of shots trying to capture that precise moment—uh, while also making sure everything was in focus. It took about five attempts or so before I got my spot-on shot. She was exhausted afterwards, but it was so worth it. The ending result was a combination of perfect timing, the right settings—and her ability to jump really high.

What I love most about this photo is that this was such a spontaneous idea and it turned out to be one of my favorites. I love the movement in her hair, the bright colors, her bright shoes, and, of course, her athleticism. I thrive on spontaneity and feel like when shots are not planned, they sometimes can have the best results. It was a challenge but the rewarding feeling of getting it right was amazing!”

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