My Fave Pic – Angie House

Photographer Angie House loves to shoot photos “you would want to make a centerpiece in your home.” She prefers a minimalist approach to her shots, but at the same time strives for “fun and elegant.” Oh—and a majority of her subjects have four legs. House started her pet photography business Elly May Moments last year. “The name ‘Elly May’ actually comes from my childhood nickname, which was based on the character from The Beverly Hillbillies,” says House. “If you are not familiar, she’s a wholesome girl-next-door type, with a love for all animals, especially exotics. The name Elly May represents my passion for all animals and is meant to show that I will photograph any pet, not just dogs.” Most photographers have disdain for shooting unpredictable animals, but not House. She relishes in it. Her all-time fave pic is one near and dear to her heart:

“Meet Emily, my tiny Boston Terrier who was the original inspiration to Elly May Moments. In this photo, Emily is celebrating her golden birthday, turning nine on December 9th. I wanted to make her cake extra special for her golden birthday because, unfortunately, not many dogs get to enjoy a golden birthday. Because I am a fan of numbers (and making cakes to represent the animal’s age), I went with ten chicken nuggets for every year she has been alive. Yes, there are actually 90 chicken nuggets on that cake! I’m not sure why, but I expected a much crazier response when I went to McDonald’s and ordered five 20-piece McNuggets.

When doing photo shoots like this it is always a bit of a gamble. It takes patience to snap the photo at just the right time. I will typically put some sort of treat in the exact spot where I want to direct the pup. With this particular photo, the treat was barbecue sauce. When people spy this pic, they ask the same question. How many chicken nuggets did Emily actually get to eat? As much as I love my pup, I only let her eat about four.

If you have ever visited my studio in the Crossroads, you will see a 5’x4′ print of this pic. I am pretty sure it will forever be my favorite photo. I hope to use it on her birthday cards because in just a couple months, Emily turns 10. I’m trying to come up with a way I can top her 9th birthday celebration! Honestly, what could be better than 90 chicken nuggets?”

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