My Essentials: Mikala Petillo

Photo by Aaron Leimkuehler

Songbird Mikala Petillo, aka Miki P, is a native of Kansas City. She says her love of music has been driven from a young age. With boundless imagination and creative energy, she continues to harness music from—as she points out on her website—her soul.

Besides touring the Midwest with her band, Miki P and the Swallowtails, the performer has also played many local music festivals—Boulevardia and the Middle of the Map fest included. The band manages to fuse rock, classical, folk, and jazz sounds to create a melting pot of original music—all led by Miki P’s songwriting. (The singer’s latest music-release Right Where We Are came out in August of 2020.)

She’ll also be the first to tell you she’s a big proponent of living in Kansas City. “Being able to spend time with my dearest loved ones is what makes my life full every day,” she says. “I love living near my friends and family.”

Miki P’s essentials…

Music Makes The People Come Together: I like Big Dudes Music City on Broadway for any quick addition to my music-getup. I got my beautiful Ibanez ArtCore guitar at Bentley Guitar Studio in Parkville—so if you’re looking for an instrument to bond with, Bentley is the place.

Scents-itive: It’s a Beautiful Day on Broadway. Their incense wall is amazing and I always have a hard time choosing what smells to take home.

Starters: I dream about Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop’s spring rolls.

Sugar Rush: Mmmmm. For pastries, there is an incredible place called Blackhole Bakery on Troost. I’d also argue that Crows Coffee has great blueberry muffins, coated with sugar on top. So yummy!

Raise a Glass: The Rino all the way! Not only do they have the best drink menu, but they are kind and inclusive and put on the most amazing shows. You could experience a new musician or comedian every night at the Rino.

Dress To Impress: Record Bar. You’ve got to look good when jumping into the networking pool. Also, dressing up to feel confident is highly underrated.

Shoe-La-La: Arizona Trading Company in Westport. They are always affordable. And I have to buy one of each of course—casual and classic. Life is complex and we need options!

Flower Power: I love plants, they add so much life into any room! I have definitely spent a good amount of money at Soil Service on Troost!

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