Five Things You Don’t Know About Us: Queer Eye’s Fab Five

Photo courtesy of Netflix

The Queer Eye boys have been gone from the metro for nearly four months and we’re still in major withdrawal. Fortunately, the new season of their makeover show which was shot in/around/near Kansas City debuts Friday on Netflix. (Who’s having a Season 3 watch party? We want an invite, kids.)

We hit up the boys while they were touring Japan to get the skinny on things we might not know about the Fab Five. They were quite forthcoming—bless their precocious hearts. So much randomness. Who knew?

(L to R) Brown, Berk, France, Pororwski, Van Ness, Photo courtesy of Netflix

Tan France (fashion): “I can pop my left shoulder out of its socket and that is how I got out of P.E. for years as a student!”

Jonathan Van Ness (grooming): “I’m obsessed with Mexican food. Like, I will murder a burrito, but my head will spin if there’s cilantro in it. I can’t with the taste of cilantro. It’s not for me.

Karamo Brown (culture): “I can fall asleep standing up. Everyone thinks that it is slightly weird!”

Bobby Berk (interior design): “It could be 40 degrees outside and my body will still feel like it’s overheating sometimes. I’m always hot, so you can imagine the struggle it was to survive a Kansas City summer!”

 Antoni Porowski (food): “I love to smell things. I love a smelly cheese like Camembert or a stinky tofu.”