Five Things You Don’t Know About Me: KCTV5 Investigative Reporter Angie Ricono


If KCTV5’s investigative reporter Angie Ricono traipses into your office, chances are things are about to get real. Really ugly for you, that is. The KC native—and self-proclaimed coffee-aholic—says she loves investigations “because the topics that interest me generally take research and time. She adds, “I am currently digging into property assessments and recently did almost 20 reports on a private autopsy business that has now been shut down by the state of Kansas.”

Of course, when she’s not busting baddies or uncovering fraud in the metro, we wanted to know five things about Ricono that weren’t common knowledge. If we investigated, we probably could have found these out ourselves, but we decided to just ask her instead.  Seemed easier, yes?

5. “I listen to podcasts and country music—like Eric Church.”

4. “Most of my family and relatives live here in Kansas City. We are mostly up north, but you’ll find us sprinkled on the Kansas side too.”

3. “I have a Bernese mountain dog named Frankie.”

2. “I am a serious do-it-yourselfer. This includes remodeling bathrooms, swapping out garbage disposals, and refurbishing old furniture.”

1.  “I was a stay-at-home mom for 12 years to take care of my three boys—including my oldest son who has special needs.”

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