Exclusive: “I Just Won A Trip To Super Bowl LIV!”

Ashley Malone of Overland Park, Kansas is one of the luckiest human beings ever in the history of human beings. Mere days ago, Malone got word that she won a local charity raffle and the grand prize was—gasp!—an all-expenses-paid trip to Super Bowl LIV—courtesy of her employer Dine Brands Global (franchisor of IHOP & Applebee’s). We caught up with the ultra-fortunate Malone to get the scoop:

Malone (L) and Bell (R)

How did you win—and are you taking me?
“I entered our company’s raffle and the proceeds went to our company’s charitable foundation. I had a one-in-25 chance of winning and—guess what?—my name was drawn. I won!

And no, sorry, you’re not my plus-one. I am, however, taking Courtney Bell, who is one of my dearest friends. Her husband Jim—a Johnson County firefighter—recently passed away unexpectedly. This once-in-a-lifetime experience couldn’t come at a better time.”

What did you win exactly?
“I won a Super Bowl package that includes a three-night hotel stay, two tickets to the game, two round-trip airline tickets and $500 of funny money—which will be spent on sun and fun. And probably several Uber rides. Also, I’m excited to ditch my stupid winter coat.”


On a scale from 1-100, how excited are you?
“100+. I’m 101 The Fox-excited! (laughs) I’m still in shock. I’m doing this interview with you while I’m sitting in traffic in the snow wearing a big, puffy coat. I’m ready to get down to Miami and cheer on my Chiefs.”

What was your reaction when you found out they drew your name?
“Disbelief. It was surreal. Did this really happen? I’m from Kansas City and just relocated back here. I would fanatically watch the Chiefs at a bar in Los Angeles when I lived in LA. Any time I came back to KC and the Chiefs were playing, Courtney and I would go. It was our thing. And now we get to see them play in the Super Bowl. We’re. Going. To. The. Super. Bowl!”

Have you ever won anything in your life before?
“I must be extremely lucky because I once won another raffle and scored tickets to game six of 2017’s World Series between the LA Dodgers and Houston Astros. I probably need to play the lottery this week.”

Will you be our special correspondent on the ground in Miami?
“Absolutely. I will take all the pictures and get all the inside scoop—whatever that is. You got it. I’m totally blessed. So excited.”

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