By The Numbers: Union Station’s President & CEO George Guastello

Photo courtesy of Roy Inman

Union Station is one of Kansas City’s crown jewels. Whether you’re headed to catch the latest blockbuster exhibit or headed to catch a train, it caters to both locals and tourists alike. Its storied saga is one for the history books. And with so many viable stats just waiting to be shared, we went straight to the top and asked George Guastello, president and CEO of Union Station Inc. to give us all the deets.

Year Union Station originally opened: 

Price tag for Union Station in 1914: $50 million investment that Included Union Station, new switching towers, tracks, viaducts, and bridge

Size of original Union Station building: 850,000 square feet. With 10 levels and 900 rooms.

Year Union Station closed: 1983

Year Union Station re-opened: 1999

Photo courtesy of Roy Inman

The weight of the three chandeliers that hang from Union Station’s ceilings: 3,500 lbs. each.

Most trains to ever pass through Union Station in one year: 79,368 in 1917

Number of daily trains that serve Union Station: 6 passenger trains

Price of one-way train ticket to St. Louis when Union Station opened: Approximately $5

Price of one-way train to St. Louis today: $44 For One Reserved Coach Seat

Lights used during the holiday season: 
20,000+ LED lights

Number of Xmas trees sprinkled throughout the venue during the holidays: 70+

Number of visitors to Science City last year: 
267,000. That’s a record high. It’s our fourth consecutive year of increased attendance.

Number of events held at Union Station last year: 400 private and public events

Annual energy bill to power Union Station: $1.8 Million

Number of full- and part-time employees working for Union Station: 59 employees

Most expensive item in the Science City store:A $549.99 amethyst

Least expensive item in the Science City store:A $0.97 pencil sharpener

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