We’re Introducing You To Some Homegrown Kansas City Businesses

By now you’ve probably seen the hashtag #buylocal or #shoplocal.  Here at IN Kansas City it became our mantra long before the pandemic hit in mid-March. What happens when you patronize locally owned businesses? It has a unique ripple effect—one that starts with creating local jobs and, in turn, nurturing our community.

Shopping local means you’re not only stimulating the local economy, but embracing all the shop owners, artisans, and cultivators of culture that make our metro unique.

Want to continue to make Kansas City a premier shopping destination? Buy from local businesses who take pride—and have a vested interest—in serving their neighbors. We’re dedicated to introducing you to some homegrown Kansas City businesses. Please take a minute to see what each of these featured companies brings to the table. Be sure to check out our “We Are Kansas City” digital directory (above) or search our online business directory to learn more.

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