The New Jubilee Balloon Co. = Unpoppable and Unstoppable!

(L to R): Penke, Beedle and Condon

Three Prairie Village friends who love entertaining and hosting parties wanted to put their creative energies to good use. So they put their collective heads together and Jubilee Balloon Co. was born. Now the three galpals—Rachel Condon, Emily Penke and Liz Beedle—find their balloon art taking off. Dare we say they’re unpoppable, er, unstoppable?

We hear from the balloon brigade about how they got started and subsequently found success along the way.

So—when did you guys realize you had a knack for this?
Liz: “During the stay-at-home order this past spring, Emily started making small balloon garlands for friends’ birthdays. Emily and Rachel (who is also very creative) collaborated on how to do this on a larger scale and we ran with it. We started getting requests from friends of friends for garlands and that’s when we realized we were on to something. We began posting our creations to Instagram—and it’s just taken off from there.”

More importantly, what sort of things are you known for?
Rachel: “We are most known for our over-the-top garlands which we frequently hang around doors. We also create fun, unique helium bouquets and free-standing balloon sculptures.”

Any particularly favorite projects?
Emily: “It’s so hard to choose because we put so much thought into each one. If we had to choose, our favorite projects are when someone has given us inspiration and we get to run with it. For example, we have created a garland based on a party napkin, another one based on a child’s favorite pjs, and a large helium bouquet coordinated with a birthday cake.”

Elaborate displays like this seem like a labor of love. Accurate?
Liz: “Absolutely! 2020 has been a stressful, uncertain year. Therefore, having the opportunity to create something that brings joy and cheer has been wonderful.”

What’s your dream “balloon assignment?”
Rachel: “We really want to go big! Our dream is to do a two-story (or larger) display. We could do so much with this. We’re excited about all of the future opportunities and can’t wait to see what the next year brings.”

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