Something Big or Something Small(er): Two KC Fireworks Experiences

The Fourth of July is packed with fireworks displays, and besides big booms, they all offer something a little different. Need to simplify your choice? Here are two different flavors of Kansas City-area fireworks display to choose from.

(If you still can’t choose, pick two from our day-by-day breakdown and make a comparison of your own.)

Fireworks over Liberty Memorial Tower at the National WWI Museum and Memorial. Photo by Wirestock Creators /

Something Big: Stars and Stripes Picnic

If you want grandeur, there’s no competition. The Stars and Stripes Picnic at the National WWI Museum and Memorial has the Kansas City view, with the bombs bursting in air behind Liberty Memorial Tower.

Starting at 3 p.m. on the Fourth of July, you can pack a picnic basket (or plan on buying food from one of 15-plus food trucks) and relax on the south grounds with tens of thousands of your closest friends. There will be live music and a fighter jet flyover. The fireworks start at 9:35.

Get more information here.

A man drives his custom float in the 2023 Stilwell Fourth of July parade. Photo via Stilwell Community Organization

Something Small(er): Fourth of July 2024 in Stilwell

For some, the Fourth means seeing massive displays with everybody in the metropolis; for others, it’s a lawn chair, a cooler, some open space. That’s what you’ll get with Fourth of July 2024 in Stilwell. Don’t get it twisted, there will be a crowd, but nothing like the Stars and Stripes picnic.

Get to town early and grab a spot on Metcalf Avenue or 199th Street for the community parade at 6 p.m. Stick around for live music and food trucks. Then, get to the Evergy Service Center (or somewhere with a good view of it) by 9 and claim a spot. The fireworks are set for 9:30.

Get more information here.

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