“Haha, Crazy Times, Eh?”—And Other Socially Acceptable Phrases To Use Right Now

A crisis like this is the perfect time for folks to band together for the common good of humanity. But it’s also a good time to perfect some new pandemic lingo—you know, for when things get potentially awkward with family and friends.

Don’t know what to say during a potential lull in your socially distanced conversation? We took a poll. Here are some suggestions from local Kansas Citians:

“Haha, crazy times, eh?” — you say for the 9,283,749,283rd time as you awkwardly figure out your social distance and re-learn how to interact with your own friends and family. — Kyle Kurtz, producer 99.7 The Point

“Such is life.” — Nick Nikkah, Owner 3DHQ

“If times were different …” — Pam Rylander, retired

I keep saying “100 percent.” I have no idea why—and it annoys me that I do it, but for whatever reason I continue to. — Carlin Leslie, photojournalist

“Be well!” I say it every random person who walks past me on my solo strolls. — Lisa Tulp, Barstow School

I’ve never seen the term “uncharted waters” used so much. – Brian Shalton, owner CruiseCal.com

Adding “I don’t know” to every sentence. As in “This is just … I don’t know” or “I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better … I don’t know.” – Fred Cliett, teacher

I’ve said “sh*t’s gettin’ real” about 9,000 times. Now sh*t’s gettin’ surreal. — Jenny Wheat, photographer

My new favorite phrase is, “Yeah, it’s def wild.” – Derek Steffen, insurance professional

 “Is the dishwasher clean or dirty?” is what my family seems to say more than anything. — Eileen Besser, fitness instructor

“It’s happy hour somewhere.” — Rhoda Sullivan, retired

“Strange times we’re living in.” — Matt Krogmeier, TV director

“Flatten the curve!” I’ve been trying to master that for years—with no success. — Kat Bowser, singer

“We’re going to get through this.” It’s my go-to. — Nikki Moreno, photographer

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