Five Things You Don’t Know About Us: 98.1 KMBZ’s Dana & Parks

Scott Parks and Dana Wright are Kansas City’s Chattiest Cathys. Good thing—as their afternoon radio talk show on 98.1 KMBZ often hovers at the very top of the ratings heap. The dynamic duo will be the first to tell you that their quirky, snarky on-air rapport is because they have a genuine fondness for each other—even off the air. We asked the quippy twosome to come up with five things we didn’t know about them. Clearly, they didn’t disappoint.

5) Scott: “I have a phobia about shirt tags. Not ones that are stitched around all four corners—just the flappy ones. It makes me want to vomit when I see tags sticking out of other people’s shirts.”

4) Dana: “I have lived every single day of my life in the state of Kansas. Born In Emporia. Raised in Topeka. Graduated with my journalism degree from KU—moved to Prairie Village and then onto Leawood. I love to travel but Kansas is home. Scott and I were in the same J-school at the same time and to our knowledge we never met. That’s likely because I was in the advanced courses.”

3) Scott: “I stare at the ocean. I cannot explain it. But every vacation I take will take me to a beach—where I literally spend a good portion of the day staring at the ocean.”

2) Dana: “I play golf three to four times per week and come directly into the studio to do the show wearing a Callaway hat and smelling like a golf course. I carded my first hole-in-one in 2017.”

1) Both: “We rarely talk before the show. We will sit in the same room, but we barely talk until we get on the air.”