Influencers Following Influencers: Megan Neher and Dine & Dish’s Kristen Doyle

We all have those unique/interesting/quirky people we like to follow on social media. But who’s flying under the radar? We went out and asked some of Kansas City’s best and brightest social-media influencers one simple question: Who are some local folks we need to be following and why?

Neher (L) & Doyle (R)

Megan Neher (PR Wonk, Megan Neher Public Relations)
“Kristen Doyle (AKA Dine and Dish) was a blogger and influencer before those terms were vogue. That’s probably how she’s built such a huge following—with her travel and food writing. But, lucky for us, she’s a local—a fellow Johnson County suburban mom who inspires me because she’s real. I like seeing her normalness, flaws, and mess-ups alongside her fabulousness and successes.

Kristen writes about her family, recipes, her cat, and books! So. Many. Books. I’m stuck on books myself (well, audiobooks) and love keeping up on the latest and greatest titles. Kristen and I love the same things, have kids about the same age and laugh at the same jokes, but somehow, she articulates them much better than I could. She’s generally just more positive than I am too, which is another reason I like seeing her posts because they can cheer me up. She might simply be talking about her favorite recent movie (A Star is Born), how much she loves coffee, cozying up with the latest greatest read or a new cinnamon bread recipe. Her messages come across as genuine and natural.

Dine & Dish’s Kristen Doyle

She doesn’t leave out her feelings. Like when she’s struggling with a stretch of depression, moodiness, or sadness, her social posts reflect her true emotional challenges, which is something those of us living in the real world appreciate about social influencer “friends.”

I think what I love most about Kristen is that she’s a normal authentic mom who has the same challenges as the rest of us, but she’s able to weave those into her posts organically along with a few life hacks, a ton of laughs, and maybe even a few tears.”

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