Industrious Country Club Plaza: A Posh, Spacious and Oh-So Accommodating Workspace

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The team at Industrious Country Club Plaza in Kansas City knows the importance of a positive work environment. That’s why they pulled out all the stops, especially when it came to designing a spacious, accommodating workspace. Open a mere two months, the meeting mecca has quickly become Kansas City’s premier flexible office provider. “We’ve taken over a city block here on the Plaza,” says Ryan Ledoda, area manager for Industrious. “I’ve been blown away with how it turned out. I’ve seen at least 20 of our locations across the country, and this might be the most beautiful. The space flows very nicely. It feels warm and welcoming.”

Space, The Final Frontier
Exquisitely designed—complete with Spanish-influenced flair—the space offers both ample room to work and a respite from work. “The accommodations here are endless—because, frankly, everybody is different,” says Ledoda. “Some members want to be in the hustle and bustle of everything—like our open, airy café lounge. Other folks—for example, in healthcare or finance—want something tucked-away, with a private feel to it. Here, you can have either.”

On a recent tour, we counted a whopping 12 conference rooms—an impressive number, each with varying amenities. “They’re all different sizes—some are intimate with seating for four, all the way up to 12,” Ledoda says. Need a break from all that conferencing? Industrious Country Club Plaza even designed a private interior library space when you’re on the hunt for some place “hidden, quiet, or just an internal refuge.”

Melding of the Minds
Given that there’s such a unique blend of busy clientele, Industrious Country Club Plaza ensures its “activity-based workspaces will help maximize your productivity.” We saw plenty of out-of-the-way nooks and comfortable crannies where members were perched furiously tapping away on their respective computers. Private enclaves, meanwhile, were also being used in full force. “An intimate conversation means an intimate space. A formal board meeting requires a formal space,” says Ledoda. “Say you have a lengthy phone call. Well, you’re going to want to sit and be comfortable, yes? We want you to use our space based on what you’re doing at the time and what your needs are.”

Members have 24/7 access to the space, but Ledoda says most people “get in around 9 a.m., although we do have a handful of folks who are night owls who are here long after we leave.” (Staff is on hand Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. to help fine-tune any details.)

“It’s Both Personal and Professional Around Here.”
Members we talked to mentioned the ability to hunker down and work or commiserate in the common spaces when warranted. Industrious likes to think of it as the perfect blend of work-life balance—complete with curated interactions. A quick glance at the calendar offered everything from Thursday happy hours to wellness days. (Chair massages—for the win!)  “Guests have the chance to interact organically,” says Ledoda. “We don’t put on events so people can pitch to each other, but there are plenty of opportunities that exist to meet someone and discuss anything from the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl to what their business entails. It’s both personal and professional around here.” Guests all agreed on one thing—they enjoy the ability to interact when warranted—mostly in the buzzy café lounge that features a daily breakfast and light snacks throughout the day. (Our fave personal touch? Besides featuring fresh-brewed Messenger Coffee, Industrious Country Club Plaza has a rotating bevy of artisanal coffee offerings from around the nation that changes monthly. Mmmmm—coffee.) “People are most excited to be around other like-minded individuals—and excited that we’re filled with similar clientele,” says Ledoda.

Feedback Friendly
Two months in and Industrious Country Club Plaza is embracing all the great feedback they’ve been receiving on the space(s). “We’re always tweaking based on what the community wants,” Ledoda says, who is tickled by the sheer number of different industries represented at Industrious Country Club Plaza. “Our clientele is across the board—and that’s a good thing,” he says.  “There’s no industry in particular that’s taken over here in KC. Sometimes we’ll have a company that really catches fire in our space—perhaps a tech or finance group.”

Beyond the sheer space at Industrious, the venue’s next biggest claim to fame is being hyper user-friendly. With over 95 locations throughout the country, they’ve ensured everything is done with precision—and that’s thanks to the hospitality of the staff. “You might be able to copycat the space, but you certainly can’t copycat our staff,” says Ledoda. “They’re incredibly attentive. They get to know everybody on a more personal level. You’re going to be well-cared for by our staff.”

Embraced By The Metro
Some companies take years to integrate themselves into Kansas City’s tight-knit, savvy business community. Industrious Country Club Plaza, meanwhile, felt a sense of spirited camaraderie from movers and shakers as soon as they started scouting locations—which was a nearly two-year process. “People in the KC community knew we could provide a differentiated level of hospitality,” says Ledoda. “And no matter what environment you need for your business—or to grow your business—we have you covered. The devil is in the details and here the details make the difference.”


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