Working From Home? Invest in a Great Desk

Working from home until at least January 2021? It might be time to invest in a desk if:

  • Your dining table resembles an office-supply store aisle.
  • Your neck, shoulders, and back hurt from hunching over and your fingers are numb from typing at an awkward angle.
  • You simply need a designated spot to work and stash your stuff.

Here are a few options to consider:

Space Saver
The Rail desk can be hung from the wall at the height that’s best for you to work from and in whichever room. It also can be used as a bookshelf or counter. Available at Kanso (Crossroads Arts District).

Custom Command Center
Modern farmhouse or just plain modern? Drawers needed? What type of wood and finish? Choose what you like through a local furniture maker, such as J Thomas Home. Lawson desk available at J Thomas Home (Olathe).

Double Duty
The Theodore Alexander Irwindale desk has four drawers and a commodious work surface. If working from home is temporary, this piece could be put to use as a console in the future. Available at Seville Home (Leawood).