Transform Your Home By Decluttering These Five Areas

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Anyone else get an urge to declutter and organize at the beginning of the year? You’re not alone, says Mike Payne, a design consultant with California Closets.

“We’re all in the same boat,” he says. “We’ve been spending time in our homes since last March, looking at our walls, realizing what we want to change.”

And considering the fact that most of us have seen our homes morph into offices, schools, and recreation hubs, you may have noticed more stuff accumulating throughout your home.

The trick to decluttering—well, aside from channeling your inner Marie Kondo and donating things you no longer use—is to make sure everything has a place. That’s where California Closets can help. Yes, they specialize in closets, as the name implies. But California Closets also offers stylish organizational systems and accessories for each of the primary areas in your home.

Ready to embrace what’s possible? Consider this room-by-room decluttering guide.


Living Room
Electronics, toys, media—it’s easy for the living room to get crowded with clutter. Payne recommends a media center with plenty of drawers and shelves to stash items. Toys can hide away in storage baskets that are still accessible to the kids.

Depending on the size of your room and your budget, you can expand a media center with custom shelves. Put family photos, art, collectibles, and books on display to make this favorite gathering space even cozier and more welcoming.

Home Office
Who knew the home office would become such a workhorse over the last year? Payne says changes to the ways we live and work haven’t gone unnoticed by California Closets.

“The company as a whole has rethought the home office,” he says. “For so long, we got in our cars and drove to a building with dedicated office space. Now, people have so many options and may have realized they don’t have a space at home that fully fits their needs.”

Whatever your home office set-up, California Closets has storage, surface, and décor options to make your work hub more inviting and functional. If you have a dedicated room for your office, you could add cabinets, floating shelves, even full-fledged workspaces. Additional storage configurations can easily help your home office do double-duty, whether as a classroom, a craft room, or a library.

If you don’t have a room to use as an office, no problem. The California Closets team can help identify a space-saving workstation that can nestle wherever space allows. You could even install a cover over the workstation, which helps visually signify the end of the workday and gives you a chance to maintain your home and office boundaries.

Payne says mudrooms have become one of the most popular project areas.

“They’re essentially an extension of the kitchen,” he says.

Typically, a mud room bridges the space from the garage entry into the kitchen and is a spot to dump shoes, coats, backpacks, keys and more. Payne likes to equip mudrooms for household charging stations, installing drawers or shelves to easily corral gadgets and cords.

Even if you don’t have an expansive square footage footprint to accommodate a dedicated mudroom, Payne says California Closets has storage options to work in any space. It typically comes down to more effectively using wall space, whether with hooks, shelves, drawers or a combination of all three.

You’re probably not spending much time in the garage in frigid winter weather. But as spring arrives, your garage becomes more of a focal point for lawn care, recreation equipment, and work or hobby space.

Let the California Closets team know how you want to use your garage and they can design a custom storage solution. Wall-mounted bike racks instantly clear valuable floor space. And an addition like a work or potting bench give you a dedicated space to enjoy the activities you love. Tools like shovels, rakes, and brooms each have a spot on the wall. Plus, more shelving or storage brackets can be added to accommodate tools and toys.

Dreaming of a huge walk-in closet with ample storage? Or do you simply want to make a long, narrow closet more usable? Whatever your preference, you’ll find the closet of your dreams at California Closets.

Payne says he’s seen a greater emphasis on closets as clients look to declutter their bedrooms for a tidier, more serene setting. When helping you design your upgraded closet, the California Closets team won’t just show you options. Instead, they’ll take time to learn how you use your closet and storage space. Do you have or want drawer storage? Do you prefer to hang or fold your clothes? And do you have numerous items like shoes or handbags that can be difficult to stash? By better understanding how you live, the California Closets team will deliver a closet that’s not only functional, but also a joy to use.

Browse the California Closets Instagram feed for an inspiring selection of design ideas. Instagram is also a helpful spot to keep an eye on current California Closets’ promotions, which can help you get more bang for your buck.

When you’re ready to start your project, call to set up a time to view their showrooms at one of two California Closets’ area locations in Overland Park or Briarcliff. Don’t miss their upcoming More is More Event—20 percent off an entire second space—starting in March.

You can also schedule a free consultation through the website or by calling 913-888-1199. Start now and you’ll be enjoying a bright, airy, clutter-free space in just a few weeks. Consider this a jump on your spring cleaning! Call 913-888-1199 for more information.