Tour A Show-Stopping Kitchen Remodel That Turns Trendy Into Timeless

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It’s one thing to read about home interior design trends. It’s a different experience to actually see them in a newly completed remodel. Karin Ross, owner of Karin Ross Designs, recently pulled back the curtain to show off an especially striking kitchen remodel.

This particular project is an eye-catching representation of what it’s like to work with Ross. She brings an innate flair to any home update, but also prioritizes function and what a client needs and wants in a particular space.

As you’ll see in this kitchen project, Ross keeps a close eye on interior trends, often introducing fixtures, finishes, materials, and color palettes that are popular in Europe and haven’t yet gained widespread popularity stateside. The result is a show-stopping remodel that effortlessly blends form and function to create a dream space.

Take a tour through one of Ross’s newest kitchen remodels, accompanied by her input of the top 6 features that make this kitchen especially enviable.

The 6 Features That Make This Kitchen Remodel a Masterpiece

1. Teak wood feature wall: Ross loves wood accents to add pattern and warmth to a room. This accent wall features teak wood that’s cut with different finishes, then assembled to create a mosaic pattern that, in itself, is a work of art.

2. Belgian tile: Tile continues to be one of the more effective ways to add a visual pop, and this kitchen is no exception. The Belgian tile backsplash adds another layer of depth to the space, yet the pattern is sophisticated enough that it doesn’t compete with other décor elements.

3. Contrasting kitchen hood: By installing a black kitchen hood, Ross transformed a necessary fixture into an accessory—just like the way a piece of statement jewelry can add instant polish to an outfit.

4. Modern light fixtures: Lighting is one of Ross’s favorite ways to transform a room. These metal-and-glass fixtures are especially fun to work with, Ross says. The ultra-modern look is actually more chameleon-like than you’d expect, giving Ross plenty of options to add a touch of sculptural flair to any design aesthetic.

5. Velvet chairs: Don’t you want to dress up and settle in one of those velvet chairs with a favorite cocktail? Ross picked the brightly hued chairs, accented with champagne metal trim, to evoke the same sleek style you’d find in a high-end European restaurant.

“Since we’ve all been staying home more, who doesn’t want their kitchen to look like the hot new restaurant that everyone’s talking about?” Ross says.

6. Mixed materials: Notice the different types of cabinets throughout the kitchen—minimalist white cabinets, the perfect backdrop for any design, mixed with a more rustic but still polished alder-wood cabinets. There’s no reason you need to confine yourself to just one material in your own kitchen remodel. That’s one of the many benefits of working with a design professional like Ross—she brings her creativity and experience to every project to help you push the bounds of your own creativity while still delivering your ultimate vision.

How could Ross help you transform your own home? Browse her website for more featured projects, then reach out and schedule a consultation. Just think of the thrill of welcoming friends and family to your new dream kitchen in time for holiday entertaining. Now’s the time to begin bringing your vision to life!