How Karin Ross is Setting the Design Trends for Spring 2023

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As spring blooms, so too does our desire to freshen up the spaces we live in the most—the kitchen and bathrooms—with a trendy, yet timeless, remodel. If a refresh is on your spring to-do list, you’ll want to meet European designer Karin Ross of Karin Ross Designs.

“I set the trends. I don’t follow them,” Ross says. “That means I will take into consideration everything a client has brought to my attention. I’ll ask you to show me your inspiration, show me what you like. It’s my job to pull elements from those ideas along with my expertise and create the dream space and design elements for the client.”

An Experienced Designer is the Right Choice Every Time
When it comes to a home project, choosing who to work with for the remodel is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

When you start your search, it’s going to be important to know the difference between working with a general contractor or a specialized designer such as Karin Ross. It’s becoming common for builders to offer remodeling services, but the process isn’t generally their specialty.

“Think about the comparison between your general practitioner and a specialist if you have a medical issue,” Ross says. With a contractor, you likely won’t have as many custom options and can expect a more cookie-cutter design. With her, expect an exquisite outcome with plenty of unique design choices and finishes.

Read on for five trends Karin Ross suggests we follow this spring season.

1. Anchor the Design Around an Idea or Accent Piece to Make It Your Own. When Ross begins working with you, she’ll ask if there is anything that inspires your origins or a particular piece that feels homey and dear to your heart that she can use to anchor the project.

“It could be a painting, or I’ve had clients with a tile from Morocco or Spain, a mosaic set of 16 that will create a special pattern,” she says. “I have had people who went on vacation, and something during that trip changed their life, and they’ll want something to help them remember that moment.”

2. Nature is Coming Back Inside. Ross stays true to her roots and keeps up with the latest European trends to predict what’s coming to the U.S. Currently, she’s got her eye on natural elements to bring into her designs.

“I see people wanting wood elements. We are chasing that dream of the last vacation, the dream of the spa—comfort more than anything,” she says. “Nature doesn’t have cold, gray elements, it’s about warmth—black, brown, beige, green. Shades of green are making a huge comeback because of the natural element, and how it pairs with the wood stain is amazing.”

3. Adding a Pop of Color. While it’s become increasingly popular to add pops of color to home design, Ross warns against using wide swaths of bright, bold colors.

“People are very much about how the value is going to hold up,” she says. “Any of those bold oranges, burgundies, reds, or even pastels are gone. When you’re paying for a quality finish, you don’t want to have to turn around in a few years and re-paint it, because you won’t be able to get that factory-quality finish. You want to stick with what’s going to stay for the long-term and get that pop of color with accent pieces—think a pillow, dish, picture, or cup.”

4. Mix Your Metals. When choosing your finishes for faucets and handles, Ross stresses it’s okay to mix metals.

“Nothing has to be the same,” she says. “Brass is especially trending now, but it’s not the brass from the ‘70s. Gold has made a comeback over the past few years, too. Go for what you like. Having a mixture of metals keeps it interesting and solves the worry that the finish you choose will quickly be replaced by the latest trend.”

5. Backsplash Personality. Ross’s next tip? Bury the white subway tile. The backsplash is where you can add a touch of personality.

“The backsplash is like the mascara that finishes your makeup for the evening,” she says. “That’s where you want to play, and I’ll play with it a lot. I play with the dimensions, I play with shapes. I play with the thickness. It brings another three-dimensional level and ties everything together. It’s a completely unexpected twist, but yet it’s still elegant and classic.”

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