Furniture Inspiration From the Wendell Castle Exhibit

Do take time to stroll through the Wendell Castle: Shifting Vocabularies exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Castle was an Emporia, Kansas, native who received his BFA in Industrial Design and his MFA in Sculpture from KU. His 60-year career was a groundbreaking exploration of melding form and function. He created many of his pieces from stack-laminated wood and only began to see how technology such as 3-D printing would have opened up the possibilities of his work just before his death early this year. The exhibit is free and runs through January 20, 2019.

Left to right: Conchoid Lounge Chair, Fernando Accent Table, Cassina 085 Props (table).

Conchoid Lounge Chair  The Conchoid Lounge Chair by Blue Dot looks like a cross between furniture in the Flintstone’s cave and something Tony Stark might slump into while being scolded by Pepper Potts. No need to pout; it’s available in slate or white depending on whether you’re a good guy or, well, not.  Hutch (Crossroads)

Fernando Accent Table No bull about it, this graphic little drinks table can bring a rugged beauty to your abode. Your phone—or martini—will never look better than resting atop it. Here’s hoping your companion is equally smart. Crate and Barrel (Town Center Crossing)

Cassina 085 Props (table) Not ready to write the check for the Serra sculpture you’ve always wanted? (They do take up a lot of space.) This clever table—or shelf—packs a big punch. Museo (Midtown)

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