Reuse and Refresh with Green Door Antiques

Over the last year, many people rediscovered the joy of being at home, and updates and renovations indoors and out continue to abound. Green Door Antiques, a hunter-and-gatherer favorite owned by Dustin Swartz and Darren Killen, is a go-to spot for interesting finds, including antique and vintage furniture, old flags, and barware. But one of their inventory mainstays is architectural salvage.

While their space at Bottoms Up at 13th and Hickory in the West Bottoms is ever-changing, there is a consistent inventory of old finials, basins, and urns.

“It’s something we always look for,” Swartz says. “But it has to be interesting.”

Besides their own sourcing and trips to Round Top, the sprawling outdoor antique show in Texas, he says people bring them items as well. He and Killen are discerning in their selections.

“It’s great to have unusual things,” he says. “But we focus on items that can be used in a practical way.”

“We only buy things we love,” Killen adds. “If we wouldn’t take it home, we won’t buy it.”

To this end, many of their finds end up in gardens as stepping-stones, planters, or interesting focal points.

“We take things out of their original intent,” Swartz says. “We have an old olive-oil collector in our garden and tractor parts in our peony bed.”

Green Door Antiques is open Saturdays 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. and the first weekend of the month Friday through Sunday. For more information, and a great follow, you can find them on Instagram.

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