Don’t Be Afraid to Use Classic Black at Home

There’s no question that black in décor can be as classic as a Chanel bag, or as edgy as studded leather cuffs. You can take a page from the legion of designers of the 1970s and paint an entire room black or follow the advice of generations of designers who think any room can benefit from at least a dash of this inky hue.

Kitchen design by Kurt Knapstein. Photo by Matt Koucerek

Cooking with Gas
Kurt Knapstein leaned heavily on classic design for this kitchen featuring white subway tile. But the black cabinets elevate the room the same way a tuxedo gives every man a hint of Cary Grant.

Dining room design by Lisa Schmitz. Photo by Mike Sinclair

Let’s Eat In
While the walls in this project by Lisa Schmitz here are white, the black table works like a little black dress, providing depth without becoming heavy. 

Wet bar design by Sara Noble. Photo by Laurie Kilgore

Chic Straight Up
Whether you’re shaking a martini or drinking beer from the bottle, you’ll be doing it in style from a wet bar like the one designed by Sara Noble.