Do You Have Missouri or Kansas Kitchen Dreams?

For many, our kitchen is a special place. It’s where we make our favorite meals to share with family and friends. It’s one of the first stops in the morning, and one of the first stops when we get home in the evening. 

The kitchen is a big deal. In fact, a recent study by HomeAdvisor on dream kitchens found that over half of Americans won’t purchase a home if the kitchen doesn’t meet their expectations.

The new study also looked at how kitchen dreams vary from state to state, and we were quite surprised to see how Kansans and Missourians differed in their kitchens must-haves. The two states agree on one thing—both Kansans and Missourians want hardwood flooring in their kitchens—but the state rivalry continues in all other aspects.

For Kansans, a dream kitchen is comprised of ceramic tile backsplash, granite countertops, natural dark-wood cabinets, hardwood floors, and stainless-steel hardware. Across the state line, Missourians seek out kitchens with stone tile backsplashes, marble countertops, natural light- to medium-wood cabinets, hardwood floors, and brass hardware.

The study surveyed 3,000 people across the U.S., and those surveyed took their kitchen preferences very seriously. According to the survey, 36 percent of Americans admit to judging others based on their kitchens. Meanwhile, 60 percent would be willing to give up sex for a year and 20 percent would be willing to give up their pet for a year to build their dream kitchen free of charge.

The kitchen dos and don’ts according to the study? 71 percent of Americans don’t want wallpaper in their kitchen, 52 percent want a two-toned kitchen, 46 percent prefer a mixture of cabinets and exposed shelves, and 39 percent would not purchase a home without a kitchen island.